Small Bump L.P

Camila Cabello Just entered the X factor she loves One Direction. Her favorite one is Harry but... She's inlove with Liam

She wins the X Factor USA meets liam dates him, Marry Him, maybe have kids with him one day? I don't know maybe one day?


1. X Factor USA Camila Audition

Next the judge called out

I could feel my nerves

Umm.. Hi I'm Camila

Do you have a lastname? Demi called out

Yeah it's Cabello !! I said smiling

Hair? Simon called out !!

I could hear the audience laughing at me

I tried not to cry

So tell me something about you? Simon said

Umm... I sing karaoke all the time and listen to One Direction songs sir I said giggling a little

Who's your favorite one direction member? Demi said

Well Harry Styles is my fav and I like one of them I said trying to be cool

Who? Selena and the audience said

Liam payne I said

Okay now sing

I'm going to sing "Natully" by Selena Gomez

Okay now let's here you

" How do you choose to express your self it's intivue and I can't tell it comes Natully it comes Natully

And it takes my breath away what you do so Natully you are the thunder and I'm the lighting and I love the way you know who you are to me it's exciting I love the way you know everything comes Natully it comes Natully

Ba ba baby

Cut.... Demi said crossing her hands

Umm.. Yeah I said

Look Camila you're adorable I love your voice it's amazing and for me see you in the finale Selena said

Yes Demi said

Yes Simon said

Oh my god thanks I said

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