The Family Project.

Morgan Chambers.
She's Popular but doesnt have guys after her as much as her friends.

What happened when shes paired with a guy to go on a tv show? And raise a family for 2 months?

Find out!


2. Two

After i got home that day i told my mom and she loved the idea.

I didn't think i could do it with Jace but i'd try.

Jace was always a close friend.

I packed my suitcases so i'd have enough for 2 months.

I put them in the corner and went to bed.

:::Next Morning:::

I got up took a shower and pulled on my romper that was a black and white one , i got on my nude pumps and did my make up and straightened my dark brown hair i walked downstairs and got my bags in my car and drove off towards the school.

I got there and left my stuff in the car since i didn't need it today.

I got out and walked to the school entrance where i saw my friends and brianna was wearing heels and a romper too and Jade was in a dress that was blue and mid thigh but flowy with black pumps.

"Hey sexy looks like we'll be living together!" Jace joked.

He was in nice jeans and a button down shirt since we had to dress nice for this.

"Hey bri! You look hawt" i said as she winked.

"You too love" she laughed.

"Didn't know we were twinning wanna walk next to me as we walk in girls" i smirked.

"Yes" they smirked also.

The bell rang and we three hooked arms and walked through the doors with me in the middle.

Boys stared , girls glared.

The boys walked behind us and followed to our homeroom which we all had together.

"Wheres sophia?"Jade asked.

"Probably sucking matthews face off" Brianna laughed.

"Hey so now that were living together and were practically starting a family we should get married" jace joked again and i laughed.

"No way Quarter Back" i said.

The announcements came on and we were all called to the office.

My shorts that were attached to my shirt cause it was a romper lifted up a bit but jace blocked anyone from seeing.

"Thanks" i said and he nodded.

We got to the office as they gave us keys.

"Hello kids" Mr.Matthews said coming in.

"In each envelope there is information of your toddler or baby, You will have a credit card to use to buy all the nessacery items for your child and food" he said and left the room.

"My car or yours?" i asked.

"Mine yours isnt fit for a child" he said and got my stuff out of my trunk.

I got in and we drove to the address.

When we got there it was a beautiful apartment with a beautiful front yard.

We walked in and i was amazed.

There was a living room with a white rug and a flat screen,a love seat and a big couch.

The kitchen was amazing! It had an island table in the middle and a marble floor? The dining room had the same and we found something out.

"Theres only two bedrooms" we said.

"Guess were sleeping together roomie!" he laughed and walked out of the master bedroom that was already complete.

We walked into the next room and it was a plain white walls and a black carpet with a black dresser.

"Guess we get the other stuff?" he said.

"Theres an envelope on the table and i need to get out of these heels" i groaned.

I walked to the kitchen table and sat down taking of my shoes and putting them next to my bags.

Jace sat down and i opened the over filled envelope.

I pulled out a credit card.

"I guess this is it and heres the pin number" i said and put it down.

I pulled out a sheet with a little boys picture on it.

"aww that's our son" i cooed as he laughed.

"His name is Luke and hes 3 with brown/blonde hair blue eyes" i said.

"Thats like a combination of us" he laughed.

"Yeah and hes allergic to carrots and loves the colour red" i smiled.

"Last Name?" he asked.

"He doesn't have one" i frowned.

"He can take mine" he smiled.

"Luke Woods?" i laughed.

"He'd get all the girlies" he said.

I frowned.

"We only have him for two months Jace" i said.

"Okay he'll be here in uh what time is it?" he asked.

"4" i answered and the door rang.

"So about now" he said.

We got up and and answered it.

There a women stood with a little boy.

I crouched down and smiled at him as he shyly waved.

"Hi im Morgan" i said.

"And im Jace whats you name?" he asked.

"Im wuke" he said in an adorable voice giving me a hug and i picked him up as the lady left.

I closed the door and set him down.

"Well welcome home Luke"

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