The Family Project.

Morgan Chambers.
She's Popular but doesnt have guys after her as much as her friends.

What happened when shes paired with a guy to go on a tv show? And raise a family for 2 months?

Find out!


3. Three

"Okay Luke Were gonna go shopping now" I smiled at the giggly boy.

"C'mon jace" i said as he came down.

"We don't have a car seat!" i said worried.

"Just sit him on you lap in the back" he said rolling his eyes.

What's up his arse?

"You alright?" i asked as i got in the back with luke.

"Yeah i'm fine" he said gripping the steering wheel and driving to a place where we get kids stuff.

I took luke and put him on my hip and we walked in the store.

"Luke look!" i said and pointed at the superman pyjamas.

He giggled and i picked up a pair that looked his size i checked and i also picked up spider man and others.

I put them in the cart and we moved to regular clothes and got him a bunch.

"Uh do you think he needs a crib?" i asked and realised a camera guy was following behind and realised we'd be on tv.

"Isn't he a little big for a crib?" Jace said.

"Luke did they put you in a crib back at the orphanage?" i asked him.

"Nope i big boy!" he laughed.

"He can't walk so no were getting a crib" i said and jace nodded.

We walked over to the cribs and i put ashton in one and he layed down and he surprisingly had enough room in there.

"This one?" Jace said.

"Yes this one" i said and we paid for it and i stopped.

"We don't know if he wears diapers" i said and his eyes went wide.

"I'm not checking!" he said an i rolled my eyes.

I moved his pants and saw a diaper still.

"Diapers" i smiled at jace as he groaned.

"Lets go!" i said once we got everything.

"Your forgetting something morgan" he said.

"what?" i asked.

"A car seat" he said and laughed at me.

We went back and got a car seat.

We went home after that and i made dinner and then got a call after i did.

"Hello?" i answered.

"Help me! Jade is so obsessed!" Dustin said into the phone and i laughed.

"Shes in love with this little girl we got named layla and i think she thinks were an actual family!" he said sounding scared.

"Put her on the phone" i said.

"Hey Morgan!" she said once she was on.

"Your obsessed bitch!" i quietly said so luke wouldn't hear.

"Am not! How about your little cutie! Jace has been texting Dustin and Blake non stop about you and whats his name luke?" She gushed and i smirked at jace as his eyes went wide again.

"Is that so?" i laughed.

"Yeah he totally digs you! I read his texts to Dustin shhh dont tell!" she said and we hung up.

I called brianna and she happily answered.

"Hey guess what! i have a baby girl! Her names Lexi" she said and i sighed.

"Thats grand babe!" i said.

"Who the frick are you calling babe?" Jace said getting angry.

"Its brianna" i laughed and he cooled down.

"So i heard about your cutie luke!" she said and i laughed.

"He sure is something" i said watching luke put a meatball on his nose.

"He's adorable and you'll never believe what i did with blake before the baby got here!" she said and i gasped that little hoe!

"You do know camera's are watching you?!" i frantically asked.

"Oh well guess we have a sex tape now well i gotta go by babe!" she said and we hung up and i picked luke up and gave him a bath and put him to bed.

I walked out and Jace was on the couch watching Jersey Shore.

"Hey" he said and patted the spot next to him gesturing for me to sit next to him.

"Hey your my cuddle buddie" i said and cuddled up to him.

"Alright" he laughed putting his arms around me.

"Now i know what its like to live with THE Morgan Chambers hottest and most popularist girl in high school history" he whispered.

"You think i'm hot?" i laughed.

"No" he said.

"Oh" i said.

"I think your beautiful" he smiled.

"Thank you i think your beautiful too" i said without thinking but covered my mouth quickly.

"What?" he laughed at me.

"Well i mean what i meant to say was-" i was cut off by a pair of lips connecting to mine.

We pulled apart and i smiled at him.

"First kiss?" he teased.

"Yeah no remember i kissed blake in middle school" we laughed at the memory when i whiped my lips after it.

"Who was better?" he asked.

"Niall Horan was act-" i started but stopped and looked him dead in the eyes.

"You were Jace" i said and he smiled.

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