The Family Project.

Morgan Chambers.
She's Popular but doesnt have guys after her as much as her friends.

What happened when shes paired with a guy to go on a tv show? And raise a family for 2 months?

Find out!


1. One

Morgan's p.o.v

I woke up to another day of school. Ugh.

I got up and took a shower.

I pulled on my regular skinny jeans and a tank top with black converse.

I brushed my teeth did my make up and straightened my hair.

I grabbed my phone and bag and walked down the long steps to the front door.

"Bye mom!" i called before grabbing my bright orange and blue penny board and skating to school.

I got to the school soon and picked up my penny board as i reached my friends.

"What's up bitches?" i laughed as they smirked at my outfit choice.

"The school dance is tonight you know that right" Brianna my best friend of forever asked.

"Yeah but no date no problem" i said and they laughed.

Okay so Brianna was my bestest friend out of the group.

Kelly,Jade,sophia , blake ,dustin and jace.

We were all the popular group and kelly jade and sophia always wore heels except me and brianna i hated them.

Blake Dustin and Jace were good friends and also star foot ball players.

"So no date for 1/5 of the most popular girls in school?" Blake smirked.

"And who are you taking huh?" i smirked.

"Brianna" He said and she smiled as i shook my head and we walked in school.

I went to my locker and put my penny board in and got my books.

The late bell sounded and i rushed to class.

"Ahh why are you late Mrs.Chambers?" the grumpy teacher asked.

I slowly walked to my seat every kid in here new i hated him.

"Someone told me to go to hell" I started and his eyes budged.

"I couldn't find it until now" I said and sat down.

"Anyway moving on class were doing assignments!" he fake cheered.

"You'll be partnered!" he said and everyone got happy.

"With who i pick" he smirked at me.

"Mrs.Chambers why so quiet?" he said and the class 'oo'ed.

"Hasn't anyone told you not to plan a murder out loud mr.matthews?" i said and his face got really red.

"Moving on!" he yelled.

"Im gonna have Blake and Brianna that shouldn't be a problem." he said and me and dustin scoffed and high fived.

"Mmm Dustin and Jade" he said.

"Uh Kelly and Chris" he said.

"Jace and Mrs.Chambers" He smirked and i secretly high fived the boy next to me known as jace.

"Matthew and sophia" he simply said as she blushed.

After the pairings we went to find out what the project is.

"The project is..." he started.

"A family project!" he said and i coughed.

"What in the hell do you mean?" i blurted out.

"Language Mrs.Chambers!" He yelled.

"Okay so we have picked a few of you now couples to go a few apartments and look after a baby for 2 months!" he smiled.

"You will be living with your partner and raising the baby from the orphanage , we will see your progress throughly and it's like a tv show" he smiled.

"Now the couples that have been picked are." He said and i hoped it wasn't me and i could just have a plastic doll.

"Blake and Brianna, Matthew and Sophia,Dustin and Jade and Morgan and Jace! " he said and me and Jace groaned.

"Damn why couldn't we get a plastic baby!" he said.

"Your all lucky!" he said.

"And how is that?" i asked.

"You'll be on tv its called the family project" he said and i half smiled.

"Pack your bags for tomorrow because thats when you leave!"

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