This story brings you into the future in 2019. A story where the light side and dark side occur. An angel from heaven and a fallen angel from hell go to planet earth as human girls but still can show there powers and wings. The fallen angel plans to destroy human souls while the angel from heaven tries to stop her. What will happen to them? Will the fallen angel succeed or fail? Will the angel from heaven fail to stop the fallen angel? Read Dominator to see what happens.


6. Memories

*Lunch Bell Rings*

I went walking with Lusetta to the cafeteria Mei, Rui, Sou, Matthew, Yuki, Drake tagged along with us also. We got our food and sat down by a table that was big for us to sit together.

"Say...Lusetta tell us about your childhood." Said Yuki smiling.

"Mm...well when I was born my family knew Dylan's family so basically we were friends since we were born. When I turned 5 Dylan was older than me by days.We used to play a lot house it's makes me smile of the memories we had. When I turned 12 me and my sister went to the New Years festival for the first time we went with Dylan and his brother Ramon. I remember my kimono was white and red. My sisters was purple Blueish black..." Lusetta said replying to Yuki.

"You looked beautiful in the kimono.." I said drinking my milk. Lusetta blushed a bit.

"So in other words you and Dylan been together since you were babies till now huh?" Said Matthew

"Yes." Me and Lusetta replied

"That sounds cute and romantic." Said Rui

"Really? Were family to be honest."

Said Lusetta. What?...I don't see you like family Lusetta.....I see you as a girl I fell in love with when we were small. I only played house with you because even though it was a game I got to be your husband...I want to tell you I love you but I don't know how....

"Hey Dylan what's wrong?.." Asked Mei

"Oh its nothing... Thanks for asking Mei" I replied everyone finished eating. We all got up and threw out trashes away. We started walking to our 5th period homeroom class. I was looking at Lusetta from behind. I looked out the window as we were walking I saw a demon boss. We call them demon boss because they are huge. Lusetta stopped walking. She froze time. She was staring at the demon. I turned looking at the demon as well.

"What are you doing here?" Lusetta asked

"I came to devour the souls who are lost and shall perish in hell" said the Demon Boss

"Not today." I said

"Assasin Transformation unlock." Me and Lusetta said. We transformed into our assassin clothes. I wore a black leather coat with my silver and blue daggers. Lusetta wore her white dress that was short on the bottom and had her silver blue daggers as well.

"How should we do this Dylan?" Lusetta asked

"You kill the minions I kill the boss deal?" I asked

"Deal." She replied

We both headed towards the demons.

"Seven blue swords!" I yelled out. I cut him seven times as I moved really fast.

"You fool!" Yelled the demon.

"Spectrum of Light!" Yelled out Lusetta. It killed the demons and hurt the demon boss. I use my skill called "Luz de dios" it killed him in a instant. Killing demons are to easy and fast. Lusetta unfroze time and we all headed to 5th period class.

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