This story brings you into the future in 2019. A story where the light side and dark side occur. An angel from heaven and a fallen angel from hell go to planet earth as human girls but still can show there powers and wings. The fallen angel plans to destroy human souls while the angel from heaven tries to stop her. What will happen to them? Will the fallen angel succeed or fail? Will the angel from heaven fail to stop the fallen angel? Read Dominator to see what happens.


2. Fallen Angel's Entrance/Jealousy

*Rosetta's POV*

Me and Ramon made it to earth. We started off in Sokoki High school. We started attending right away. We knew the angels from heaven were there. My black soft silky hair flowed in the wind. My crimson red eyes see anything from miles. I can hear from miles as well. We had our uniforms on. We were in the school already. We had the same classes as the angels. It was lunch time so we headed with our mischiefs to the cafeteria.

"Ramon ready to have some fun?" I said as I grinned. I wore my black and red head band on my head that had a black and red ribbon bow on the left side. I wore my white shirt on top the pink red vest. I had black mid long socks. I had a khaki skirt on.

"Yea I'm always ready." Said Ramon. He has blood red eyes and Black hair also it was spiky and soft. We saw two best friends that were close so we manipulated them a bit so they can get into a fight. They fought and separated there ways as planned. Me and Ramon just stayed there standing laughing at what just happen until we sensed the angels in the room. We started to search for them. We found them.

*Lusetta's POV*

We saw the fallen angels. I stared dead silence so did Dylan.the fallen angels that had arrived here on earth sister Rosetta and Dylan's brother Ramon. We started walking up to the line. Looking a them faced to faced as we walked passed them. Rosetta had tried to embarrass me in front of everyone.

"If it isn't my goodie two shoes twin sister." She said out loud that everyone heard her. The crowd were whispering "their sisters?! Aren't those two boys also brothers?!"

"I see you come here too brother." Said Ramon grinning at us.

"I hope we can have a fun and enjoyable year sister." I said as I smiled at them.

"Same here." Said Dylan smiling as well.

"Oh don't worry about it being boring." Said Rosetta

"It'll be fun....very fun." Said Ramon grinning there evil grin. Then they walked away. We smiled at them and walked away as well. We ate our lunches and went back to class where Ramon and Rosetta were in our class. The thing about the humans or the crowds they think the normal stuff like soccer,softball.etc.. But what we actually mean is a war between heaven and hell, fallen angels vs angels. They looked at me, Rosetta, Ramon, Dylan as high advanced, honor, cool, students basically popular kids we didn't come here for that. These humans will get involved if Rosetta manipulates them into this. She can mess with there feelings towards hatred, madness, anger, sadness, depression, causing them to do murders, suicide, etc. The war just only begin with a simply introduction like the one that just happened. The next time is preparing for the next move.

*After School*

We tried participating in sports after school. We did make friends. We did what humans do.

"Lusetta!" said a random voice I didn't recognize. I turned to see it was a girl that had light brown hair and green eyes.

"Uh...How may I help you?..." I asked politely to this stranger. I was with Dylan. She stopped in front of me and smiled.

"Hi my name is Tachibana Rui. I would like to be friends with you and Dylan." She smiled innocently and kind. I looked at Dylan. He looked at me saying it was ok.

"I would like to be friends with you too." I smiled my angelic smile.

"So will I." Said Dylan he smiled also while he patted my back.

"Awesome! You guys wanna go to the fair with me and some friends!?" She asked

"Of course!" Me and Dylan said at the same time. We stared at each other and laughed. We followed Rui to where her friends were at.

"These are my friends." She said introducing us to them.

"Sup my name is Matthew." He said as he smiled

"Hey my name is Sou." said Sou as he winked at me.

"Hello my name is Yuki." Said Yuki waving at us especially to Dylan.

"Hello my name is Dylan." Said Dylan as he smiled a bit.

"Hello my name is Lusetta." I said smiling.

"Hey Lusetta and Dylan don't you guys have a sister or brother?" Asked Matthew

"I have a brother named Ramon." Said Dylan as he spoke firmly

"I have a sister named Rosetta." I said as I also spoke firmly.

"Oh ok well then let's go!" Said Rui. We started walking to the fair. While we walked Yuki and Rui was by Dylan side and Sou, Matthew by mine. They were fond of us. I enjoyed being with the guys they treated me kindly. They made me laugh by a joke they said. I kept laughing at them.

*Dylan's POV*

I saw Lusetta by the corner of my eye and saw she had fun with the boys. I felt irritated when she was enjoying her time with them especially with Sou. We kept walking. I caught a glimpse of Lusetta trip over a rock I was gonna turn to grab her but Sou had grabbed her by the waist and hand.

"Woah! Be careful." Said Sou smiling.

"Thank you!" Said Lusetta smiling back at him. I felt even more irritated. Im an angel and I shouldn't be irritated but I do.

"Say Dylan what's your favorite animal?" Asked Yuki

"Snow tigers." I replied

"I love animals that live in the snow" said Yuki playing with her fingers.

"Hey Lusetta what sport are you in?" Asked Sou.

"I chose girls soccer. I'm a mid fielder and the team captain for the squad." Answered Lusetta while she looked at Sou and Matthew.

"Im in boys soccer also and you surprise me I'm also mid fielder and captain of the team. We should have our teams play a match sometime." Said Sou

"Ooh Great Idea!" Said Lusetta happy.

"Guys we are here!" Said Rui

"Choose a partner to be with in case you get lost because of the crowd. I'm with Matthew!" Said Rui grabbing Matthew's arm.

"Let's go on the Ferris wheel." Said Matthew to Rui.

"I'll be with Lu-.." I said as I was cut off by Sou.

"I'll be with Lusetta." Sou said waiting for Lusetta's response

"Ok let's go on the Roller coaster first!" she said as she started walking with him.

"Where do you wanna go Yuki?" I asked. I got mad because Sou cut me off.

"Let's go on the skydiver?" Yuki asked.

"Ok" I replied. Everyone parted there ways with there partners. I no longer saw Lusetta. Though me and her are in the look out for Rosetta and Ramon.

*Lusettas POV*

We got on the coaster. It had two upside down loops. I was kind of frightened.

"You ok Lusetta?" Asked Sou

"Yes a bit frightened though." I said feeling nervous.

"Here hold my hand in case you get scared." He said as he laughed and extended his hand to me.

"Alright." I grabbed his hand. It was warm. I forgot that he's a human Guy. I felt my chest glow up like sparkles. What's this feeling. I thought.

"All passengers please secure your seat belts and removed all eye wear. Enjoy the ride!" Said the manager for the coaster. Suddenly the coaster started moving. It went up. I felt scared now. We made it to the top and DASH! We went down. I screamed. Felt to scared that I tightened my grip while I was holding Sou's hand. We went down the loops twice and got off at the next stopped. We got off the ride I was shaking.

"Haha lets go sit down for awhile." Said Sou still holding my shaking hand. We sat down by a bench. I couldn't stop shaking I was so frightened.

"Im never going on that again..." I claimed still shaking.

"Haha we'll go on the Ferris wheel if you want.?" Sou said as he hugged me from behind. The warmth calmed me down.

"I knew you would stop shaking if I hugged you. Haha " said Sou.

"Ferris wheel next?" I asked.

*Dylan's POV*

We were heading our way to the roller coaster when I saw Sou hug Lusetta from behind. I got to the point where I got pissed off I was going to go get Lusetta. When I saw Lusetta holding Sou's hand. I stopped...they got up and went to the Ferris wheel.

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