This story brings you into the future in 2019. A story where the light side and dark side occur. An angel from heaven and a fallen angel from hell go to planet earth as human girls but still can show there powers and wings. The fallen angel plans to destroy human souls while the angel from heaven tries to stop her. What will happen to them? Will the fallen angel succeed or fail? Will the angel from heaven fail to stop the fallen angel? Read Dominator to see what happens.


3. Demons Achievement

~Rosetta's POV~

I smiled in laughter.

"In the human world it easy to get angels to betray one another and become full of anger and irritation even jealousy." I said giving a grin.

"Yes it is easy. Your quite enjoying this." Said Ramon.

"Indeed I am not to say you are enjoying it too Ramon." I smiled at him. He turned my way smiling at me.

"Yes I'm enjoying it even more with you on my side." said Ramon giving me a kiss in the cheek. Then we both turned to where my sister was....on the Ferris wheel.

"Well then enough with the games lets go take a nap shall we? We've been here for 2 hours since we came to achieve what we wanted. Anyways its 7:30pm." I said as we got off the tea cup ride.

"Yea you got a point. Let's go so we are energetic for tomorrow's fun." said Ramon as we headed back home for a days of rest. We live together not to mention we are a fallen angels couple. Oh how we enjoy seeing others get trampled in anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, sadness, jealousy and especially betrayal. How we love to hurt and we laugh when humans bully others and the one being bullied is always sad and depressed, crying. That's what we fallen angels from hell want. We want the world to rot in these feelings and murders taking people's soul when they die because they didn't follow God. We come in many shapes and sizes. We come in baby form, adults, old people, animals, your hatred and your fighting, we don't want to see you happy at you can go to hell. In this world when it perishes we demons will rule the earth and take the people who didn't take Jesus's way and torment them how they should be tormented on earth. We rule the Earth..since 1890's to today's 2015 we see the world rotting even more and more and it pleases us. Its a tv show for us a movie we can enjoy to watch all humans burn to hell. Have families separate, the hatred someone had against another, murder rates. Having people ignore the poor because the poor go for Jesus and we don't like that we want everyone to think the hoboes are disgusting people just asking for change for cigarets when we demons know they want money just to survive another day of hell. This is what it means to be a fallen angel and I'm proud to be one.

*Main POV*

After we started heading back home because it was 7:30pm we all separated our ways. Me and Dylan went back home. When I saw Dylan's face he seemed down and irritated.

"Dylan?.." I asked

"Mhm?" He said as we walked.

"What's wrong? You seem down and irritated..." I asked walking side to side with him.

"Huh? I'm not irritated or sad...just my normal mood." Dylan said as he gave a crooked smile. I knew something was up ever since we were little in the human world. We were born in the human world. Our family knew each other since the day we were both born me and my sister are twins Dylan and Ramon are twins. My birthday and my sisters is September 5th and Dylan's and Ramon's is September 3rd. There older than us by 2 days. As we grew up together I died and so did Dylan in a car crash we went off road by the slipper ice on the road and crash down the mountains. When we came to heaven because we were Christians that believed in god we saw how our siblings Ramon and Rosetta hated us since we were born. They hated how we were nice and how people were around us. We saw how they suffered when we were in heaven. When a year past they both died when they were in the beach. Sharks had bitten them in half and they were eaten. We were in pain when we saw them go to hell. They didn't believe in god when we died because they asked themselves " Why did you let this happen god!? What's your reason?" They would say crying. Shortly they had lost the faith in god and Jesus. Now there fallen angels serving the the devil (god of lies and evil). We serve god (god of good and truth) and his son Jesus. We made it back home and I started to make dinner.

"Dylan you hungry!? I made tacos!" I said smiling serving on the table.

"Yes please!" said Dylan coming out of the shower. He came out with his shorts and shirtless. When I went to go get him I caught him shirtless.

"IM SORRY!" I said going back to the kitchen. My heart was pounding. I was a bit frightened and shocked. Didn't mean to look at him but he had a six pack. I blushed a bit.

"No it wasn't your fault." He said laughing coming into the kitchen with his shirt on.

*Dylan's POV*

I was laughing because she immediately covered her eyes running to the kitchen. I thought it was cute. I saw her face blush a bit. We went to the table to sit down. Just seeing her gets me in a good mood. We started eating and like always she was the first to finish then it was me. She went to wash the dishes then she finished. We went to the bathroom to brush our teeth. Then we headed to our rooms.

"Goodnight Dylan!~" said Lusetta

"Goodnight Lusetta!~" I yelled back. Then we fell asleep.

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