Mrs. All American

jessica, taylor, ashley, and kat are all best friends moving from America to Australia they are all pretty bad ass jessica and kat died their hair jessica's hair is blue and kat's hair is a bright red and taylor is a brunet and ashley is a blond they all have some bad past's but they got through it together they are like family and they only have each other


7. what the?

jessica's POV

i look to see who caught me and it was luke and ashton was standing right behind him i got out of luke's grip and dante came over to me "aren't you going to say thank you to luke he caught you" liam said walking over to us "you know now that im not friends with them anymore i can beat your ass" i said and walked over to liam and punched him in the face he started to hold his nose "i hope i broke it" i spat and turned around and grabbed dante's hand and we walked away he pulled me to the side"what was all that about?" he asked "well i was friends with ashton and luke and i always hated liam but i couldn't be mean to liam because he's going to make ashton luke and their 2 mates famous and now that im not friends with them any more i can hit liam if i want to" i said "ok but why did you grab my hand so we were holding hands?" he asked "well ashton and i used to have feeling for each other then he did something and i did some thing and im pretty sure he still has feeling for me so i knew that would make him jealous" i said and looked around the corner and ash looked mad "and it worked" i said "well good cause there is someone i want to make jealous to and she's here so lets do this" he said i smirked we held hands and walked out of where we were and we had our skate boards in our other hands "jessica we need to talk" ashton said he was pissed off hehe "why i thought i was just a girl you knew you didn't have any feelings for" i said making my voice sound like i was innocent "jessica lets go" he said and grabbed my bad wrist "ow ashton stop that hurts" he didn't let go he was just dragging me away luke was holding dante back "ashton stop it hurts" i said he gripped harder what he didn't know was that i had some fresh cuts "ashton stop" i said i was about to cry it really hurts he kept on pulling me i looked back to see dante being held back by niall and luke and harry running after me "harry help" i screamed he ran faster "ashton stop it hurts" i screamed he let go once we were alone i fell to the ground and curled up in a ball and started to cry he crouched down in front of me i looked up "please dont hurt me anymore" i begged he rose his hand and then i felt a stinging feeling in my check i put my hand up to my face. he just slapped me i looked at him first he looked sorry then it went to no emotion "ash" i said/whispered he just gave me a death glare if looks could kill i would be dead. god where is harry he wasn't far behind us. a few minuets later he wasn't here i broke down crying i cant believe ashton hit me what the hell he bent down in front of me and made me look at him again i saw a quick second of sadness then no emotion he took something out of his pocket and threw it at me it was a blade "why dont you do me a favor and cut to deep" he said i looked at him with wide eyes "ashton what the actual fuck is wrong with you?" i asked while crying "there is nothing wrong with me at least not anymore once you cut to deep i need to get rid of my weaknesses" he said looking me strait in the eyes "fine if thats what you want but you have to stay and watch and stay when im bleeding" i said "what no im not gonna stay and watch you do that" he said "thats the only way i will do it" i said then he got a text "fine ill stay and watch" he said and swallowed i took the blade and pressed it to my skin once twice three time then for the fourth i was putting a lot of pressure "jessica stop" ashton said as i was about to start "why this is what you wanted" i said and kept going i was crying "i didn't mean it im sorry please stop" he begged "its to late i said and stopped cutting he looked and my arm with wide eyes "no no no no jessica im so sorry i didn't mean for this to happen" everything started to get fuzzy i smiled "its almost over" i said he came down to me and tried to stop the bleeding "jessica no please no stay with me please dont leave" he begged "tell liam he won and your on the winning team ashton" i said i was still crying "jessica please stay with me i didn't mean it" he said something else to but then everything went black.

*authors note*

just saying this is not the end you dont know whats going to happen does jessica die and does it start from someone else's point of view or does she live? thats the question 

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