Mrs. All American

jessica, taylor, ashley, and kat are all best friends moving from America to Australia they are all pretty bad ass jessica and kat died their hair jessica's hair is blue and kat's hair is a bright red and taylor is a brunet and ashley is a blond they all have some bad past's but they got through it together they are like family and they only have each other


9. so annoying

jessica's POV

"well she can be like that some times sorry and i really didn't care" he said "ok sorry about that anyways u were kinda being a dush with the skate board thing" i said "yeah well its not often we see pretty girls buy pro skate boards" he said i blushed "ill be out side" ashton said he seemed kinda mad ok then? "i didn't get your name" he said "jessica and you" i said "Austin" i looked over and saw calum had his arm around taylor "hey calum watch were you put your arms" i warned him they laughed "well dont mean to be mean but me and taylor need to get ready for something" i said they all nodded and got up and left. when they were all gone i could finally talk to taylor "taylor dont get attached ok you know what might happen but i wont make you not date him or what ever just be careful and we are going to a club tonight" i said "ok ill be careful and yaaay" we ran up to our rooms (lets just pretend she already dyed her hair) i went into my room and got dressed and when i walked out taylor was already ready she was wearing some black high waisted shorts and a crop top and she straitened her hair. we went out side and walked next door and she knocked on the door and luke answered "hey we were wondering if you guys wanted to go to the club with us?" i asked 

luke's POV 

i opened the door and saw jessica and taylor standing there jessica was wearing black ripped skinny jeans and a green day crop top and her hair is now blue and curled "do you guys wanna go to the club with us?" she asked "um ill ask come in" i said they nodded and walked in "guys" i yelled "what luke" they all yelled back "do you guys wanna go to the club with 2 girls?" i asked they all came running except ash "yes" they all said "ok then i guess we are going to the club. ASH YOU COMING" i said and yelled the last part "NAH IM GONNA CHILL WITH ELIZABETH" he said i rolled my eyes "your loss"i yelled back and with that we left jessica and kat went in jessica's car and we all went in mine. we finally got in the club jessica and kat went to the bar and got shots i saw a few guys walk by and check them out jessica and kat both took like ten shots each then they went to dance i walked up to jessica "you wanna dance?" i asked smirking while they were up there i had my fair amount of shots she nodded and we danced and she grinned on me and taylor was doing the same to calum after awhile i pulled jessica off the dance floor and we started to make out then i saw ash walked in he looked pissed i stopped making out with her and grabbed her hand and we walked over to him "hey mate whats wrong" i slurred "elizabeth cheated on me" he said what

jessica's POV

"elizabeth cheated on me" ashton said "that stupid whore" i said ash looked at me "i need to blow off steam" he said and by that i knew exactly what he meant. i looked at luke he nodded, i took ashton's hand and brought him to the bar "excuse me but my friend could use a few drinks" i said the bartender nodded and gave me and ashton some more to drink. after awhile me and ash were completely drunk he pushed me up against a wall and we started to have a heated make out session "lets get a cab home" he said i nodded we got a cab back to the house and when we got in the door we started making out again he picked me up by my ass and carried me upstairs and he walked to his room he opened and closed the door and placed me on his bed he leaned over me and started kissing me again i removed his shirt then he removed mine and we continued kissing. he kissed down my neck leaving love bites and sucking on my neck making me moan i started to unbutton his pants he took off his pants and continued kissing my neck then he went lower and lower all the way to the top of my jeans he took the off of me leaving me only in my bra and panties he took off my panties and started kissing my stomach down lower and lower. then he looked up at me and smirked he then started to finger me and kissed me on my mouth again i moaned in the kiss he smiled then he moved down low he put his head between my legs and did his thing i moaned a lot. then he pulled out a condom and put it on then he came back up to me and kissed me then he thrusted into me i gasped its not my first time but he was bigger than my ex boyfriend he thrusted in and out of me slowly i knew he was playing games with me "ashton" i moaned his name "louder say my name louder" he said "ashton" i moaned louder "louder" he said "ashton" i basically screamed. and well you all know what basically happens next.

*the next morning* 

i woke up and i was a little sore i looked over to see ashton asleep with his arms around me i smiled then i got a major head ache "fuck" i mumbled i got up and got some water and aspirin i got some for me and ashton knowing he was gonna need some to i walked back in the room from the bathroom connected to the room and saw ashton sitting with his head in his hands "here take these" i said handing him them he nodded and took them then i took mine and laid back down "so do you remember last night?" i asked him he smirked "yup" he said popping the p "oh really" i said "yeah best i've had in a while" he said "the drinks or the sex?" i asked smirking "both" he said and was smirking as well i laughed and we both laid back down a fell asleep cuddling with our naked bodies against each other

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