Mrs. All American

jessica, taylor, ashley, and kat are all best friends moving from America to Australia they are all pretty bad ass jessica and kat died their hair jessica's hair is blue and kat's hair is a bright red and taylor is a brunet and ashley is a blond they all have some bad past's but they got through it together they are like family and they only have each other


8. just a dream

*authors note*

ok guys so this is just so you dont get confused the whole thing except for jessica and taylor moving to australia was a dream even kat and ashley this is their only second day there and its just taylor and jessica just thought i'd mention it k love you guys

jessica's POV

i woke up in my bed in Australia it was all just a dream god that was one crazy dream. i went down stairs to see taylor in the kitchen making breakfast "hey taylor i was thinking we could go and introduce our selves to the neighbors" i said i mean its our second day here and we need friends so "yeah lets eat and then go and meet them" she said i nodded we ate the waffles and went upstairs to get dressed i put on some black ripped skinny jeans with a nirvana shirt i went back down stairs then taylor walked down she's wearing almost the same thing but she has a green day shirt. we smiled at each other "you look cute" we said at the same time "jinks" we said at the same time again we just laughed and i opened the door and let her go first and then i walked out and closed the door behind me we walked next door and i knocked on the door "ill be there in a second" a very thick male australian accent said me and taylor looked at each other and smiled "ill get it luke" another male with a thick australian accent said we did the same thing as last time we heard a voice then the door opened and a tall guy with green hair stood in front of us i sorta had to look up to see his face "hi" he said "um hi im jessica and this is my friend taylor we just moved in next door" i said he smiled really big "luuuke there are girls and they are american at the door" the guy screamed and me and taylor looked at each other and shrugged and then we laughed and then a tall blond boy with amazing blue eyes almost like mine and a lip piercing stood in front of us with the other boy "um well hi im jessica and this is my friend taylor we just moved in next door" i said he smiled he's pretty cute not gonna lie but so isn't his friend "luke who's at the door" someone yelled geez so far 3 australian guys "calum shut up" another one yelled ok so 4 me and taylor laughed "wait i heard girls giggling" one said and a tanned boy with dark hair came down the stairs followed by another boy with i think either dirty blond or brown hair cant really tell "well hello my name is calum and that is ashton" apparently calum said "well im taylor and thats my friend jessica" taylor said "holy shit their american" i heard him whisper to ashton "yes we are have you guys ever seen american girls before?" i said and me and taylor laughed "holy balls they dont know who we are" the blond kid i think is luke said running around "um no we dont are you guys like axe murderers or something" i asked and me and taylor laughed "no um dont mind luke um im michael by the way" michael said those names sound familiar dont know from where thou "um well hi again i guess haha" i said and he smiled "um why dont you guys come in" he said i looked at taylor she smiled "um ok thanks and sorry if i say um a lot i do it all the time" i said as me and taylor walked in and then he closed the door behind us we followed luke to the living room "i like your guys shirts" he said "thanks" me and taylor said again "god again" we said at the same time and then we both face palmed "ugh" we said again at the same time then we laughed the guys looked at us like we had three heads "what" me and taylor asked at the same time "do you guys do that a lot i mean i dont mean to be that guy but its hot" calum said and we all laughed "no its fine" we said at the same time we looked at each other and then back at the guys " i swear we dont do it on purpose i think its something to do with being born on the same day" i said and taylor nodded her head "wait who's older?" luke asked "taylor is by like 5 minuets" i said they looked at us with wide eyes "what" we said at the same time again "ok we'll try to stop doing that its kinda creeping me out" i said "yeah" taylor said in agree meant "so what part of america did you guys live in?" ashton asked "wow you do speak and we used to live in new york" i said smirking "yeah i do speak and cool" he said "well we didn't mean to bother you guys and we have to go get new boards cause we didn't have time to pack our old ones" taylor said i looked at her "hehe yeah because we were so excited to come here" i laughed nervously calum gave me a weird look and before they said anything else i grabbed arm and gave her the we-have-to-go look she nodded "well we will see you guys later" she said and we got up "ok see you guys" they all said at the same time me and taylor smirked "now look who's doing it" me and her said at the same time "well anyways bye" i said and we walked out that was close

ashton's POV

ok so the new neighbors are pretty cool but why was jessica wearing so many bracelets? i dont want to think to much about it then i will get to interested in her and we're going on tour soon so i cant get attached to her or her friend and why did she look nervous when taylor said they didn't have time to pack their old boards did they run away? god so many questions and they are basically twins i mean they were born 5 minuets apart and they look like sisters they look around 18 they both have brown hair taylor has brown eyes but jessica has amazing eyes they're a hazel blue color with a green ish color on the inside ugh im thinking to much about her "ashton" luke yelled "what" i said "dude we just asked if you wanted to go with the girls to get new boards" "oh um sure can i invite my girlfriend?" i asked luke rolled his eyes "what ever bro" he said i got up to go call elizabeth she agreed to come she said she would meet us there "k guys lets go get the other girls" i said "their taking their cars" michael said i nodded and we walked out side and then i heard 2 cars start and a black comoro and a black mustang pull out of i thought was jessica's and taylor's house but i dont expect them to be driving those really nice and fast cars they pulled in front of our house and the drivers window on the comoro go down "you guys coming or what" jessica yelled my mouth dropped open "hey jessica could i get a ride with you?" michael asked she nodded he ran over to her car and got in the passenger side calum is riding with taylor and me and luke got in his car 

jessica's POV

"i hope you dont mind me going a little fast" i said to michael as he got in "nope not at all just not to fast" he said i smirked luke and ashton pulled out of the drive way i started my car again and put it in drive i looked at michael and smirked and sped off "jesus are you trying to kill us?" he asked putting on his seat belt "aww come on i could go faster" i said "no no this speed is fine" he said and so i slowed down so he wouldn't like piss his pants lol we finally got there and taylor and calum got out of her car calum looked like he saw his life flash before his eyes taylor must have kept up with me lol. about 5 minuets later ashton and luke showed up and got out of luke's car "finally geez what took you so long couldn't keep up?" i asked smirking they shook their heads "dude they drive like mad woman" michael said "why thank you" i said and walked in the skate board shop "how can i help you lads" he said asking the boys of course "they aren't getting boards we are" i said he looked at us and smiled "well the boards for beginners are over there" he said pointing to some crappy boards i smiled and went to the pro section and got 2 boards and taylor did the same "we just need these thanks" i said smiling trying to keep my cool "like i said boards for beginners are over there these are for pro's" he said putting his hands on the boards i rolled my eyes "listen mr all australian we are pro's now can we get these boards or not" i said getting irritated "well mrs all american i guess you can" he said i nodded "that will be 400 dollars" he said i gave him my credit card i paid for the boards and we left "god i hate that guy" i said "well that guy is my girlfriends brother" ashton said "well tell your girlfriend her brothers a dush bag and a half" i said getting in my car "michael i have to make a stop or 2 before we go back so if you dont want to you should get a ride with luke and mr i have my panties in a bunch" i said and he laughed "nah ill ride with you where do you have to go?" he asked "well first i need to stop at the store to buy blue hair dye and then im going to get my lip pierced" i said he smiled "and why do you wanna do that?" he asked i smirked "because i was told when i was in america i couldn't" i said and pulled out of the parking lot we got the dye and then we went to get my lip pierced i walked in and the guy immediately sat me down im getting snake bites "ok you might want to hold your boyfriend's hand this might hurt a little" he said "h-" michael cut me off "ok i will hold my beautiful girlfriend's hand" he said grabbing my hand ok then? the dude pierced my lip it hurt quite a bit now for the second time he pierced it "fuck that one hurt like a bitch" i said the guy laughed "you handled it better than people who only get one side pierced i think this guys friend came here he cried like a baby" i bursted out laughing "l-luke c-cried like a baby" i said in between laughs "yup" michael said laughing "ok well you owe me 40 bucks" he said i nodded and handed him 2 twenties and me and michael walked out and got in my car and drove home when we walked in all the guys and taylor and one random chick were sitting there taylor and the chick looked pissed "im home" i yelled "finally" taylor yelled running over to me and michael "what did you do to your lip?" she asked "like them" i said she smiled "no i love them" she said "but we have a problem" she said "wait let me guess the random chick on our couch is ashton's girlfriend and she got offended about me calling her brother names" i said she looked at me shocked "how'd you know?" "its a twin thing remember" i said she nodded i walked in the living room "ok lay it on me what do you have to complain about" i said looking at the chick "IM NOT HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU CALLED MY BROTHER BEHIND HIS BACK" she yelled "well if you want ill say it to his face" i said "ok good i bet you you wont he's already here" "ok great where" i said "im back whats with the yelling?" "oh your sister is mad cause i called you a dush bag and a half like holy shit apparently thats like a totally terrible thing here" i said he sighed "well.........

*authors noteee*

heller my lovely ninja turtles how are you (you can answer that in a comment) what you been up to i've been bored and in school ._. yaaay note sarcasm lol anyways tell me what you guys think 

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