Mrs. All American

jessica, taylor, ashley, and kat are all best friends moving from America to Australia they are all pretty bad ass jessica and kat died their hair jessica's hair is blue and kat's hair is a bright red and taylor is a brunet and ashley is a blond they all have some bad past's but they got through it together they are like family and they only have each other


4. chapter 4

jessica's POV

"do you really think im gonna become an ass hole when im famous?" luke asked looking a little hurt it hurt me seeing him hurt ugh why do i feel this way "luke there are 2 types of famous people one is like niall and the other is like harry" i said looking him straight in the eyes he looked at the ground "luke for your sake i hope you're not gonna be like harry" i said he looked up and smiled i was sitting on the edge of his bed and he tackled me "ugh luke really" i said smirking he was laughing and then harry walked in of course .-. "hate to interrupt but we still have things to discus luke" harry said "im pretty sure it was the high light of your day ruining our fun" i said he shook his head "im not that bad we just got off on the wrong foot" harry said "ok well lets try this again" i said and push luke off of me he fell on the floor me and harry laughed "ok see now we're on the right foot" i said smiling "haha im glad i could help" luke said getting off the floor "aw im sorry bear want me kiss it make it better" i said "yes" he said pouting "ok where does it hurt" harry left the room "right here" he said pointing to his lips and he smiled "no kiss them and make them better" he pouted "fine" i sighed and pecked him on the lips "better?" i asked "yup" he said smirking i rolled my eyes and walked out and saw harry waiting for us in the hall "hey" i said "lets go" he said ok what just happened im confused he was happy now he seems mad "luke you go ahead i need to talk to harry alone for a minuet" luke nodded and went out side "harry whats wrong you were happy a second ago now your mad?" i asked i was actually concerned "its nothing lets just go" he started to walk away but i grabbed his wrist he turned around and faced me "what" he snapped i was a little taken back i think he could tell he looked sorry "im sorry" he said "its ok whats wrong im seriously concerned" i said looking into his eyes "its nothing" he said "harry im a girl i know what that means" i said raising an eyebrow at him he sighed "can we just try again" he asked i nodded "hi im jessica" i said he smiled "hi im harry styles" he said smiling we walked down stairs to the boy ugh michael was there he looked at me and smiled i rolled my eyes "jessica" he started "michael not now" i said its getting annoying when will he get that what he did hurt me i have forgiven everyone but him and i dont plan on it any time soon "so lets talk about the tour" liam said wait tour i thought they were just gonna do some press conferences and do some publicity stuff not a tour 

*harry's POV*

we were talking about the tour and i was watching jessica's expression about every thing she looked confused sad and a little mad "ok so we are going to tour Australia then America which will take like 3 months for here and the another 3 and a half months for America" liam said jessica looked like she was about to cry it hurt a little i dont have romantical feelings like a family feelings i can tell her and luke have feelings for each other but if he leaves it might change him the fame could get to him she was right he could become an ass hole "harry earth to harry" my thoughts were interrupted by zayn "what" i said looking around and noticed she was gone "can you go check on jessica please" asked luke he looked concerned "yeah of course" i walked out side to see jessica crying on the grass i went and sat next to her and hugged her she cried into my shoulder and michael walked out i stood up and walked over to him "what happened in there i spaced out?" i asked "they said that we couldn't contact her and if we see her on the streets when we'er on tour we can't talk to her we have to ignore her and her sisters" he said what that cant be right "why?" i asked "i dont know asked liam" he said and he went to comfort her i walked in to talk to liam "yo why cant they talk to her or her sisters" i asked liam "because if they're seen talking to them people will think they're dating them and that will drive away some fans remember fans like single guys better" he said i shook my head "and they cant be seen with them they have to be with cute people not punk emo's i mean have you seen her wrist she wears bracelet's she is obviously a self harmer" he scoffed "dude do you have some thing against people who cut you dont know what people's life's are like so take your opinion and shove it" ashton said liam looked surprised "whats with you ashton" liam said "dont hate on her because she self harms seriously its not cool" ash said and he walked out and sat with jessica on the yard "what was that about?" liam asked luke "he was bullied and self harmed thats why he wears his bracelets but seriously take your opinion about self harmers and shove it" he said and went out they were all with jessica now "well they are a bunch of softies and they call them self's punk rock" liam scoffed "dude seriously stop the fame has obviously gotten to you" i said and walked out.

*authors note*

sorry for the short chapter its 3 in the morning so im gonna go to bed and update later night peace out and if its someones birthday happy birth day lol im really tiered good night my ninja turtles

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