Mrs. All American

jessica, taylor, ashley, and kat are all best friends moving from America to Australia they are all pretty bad ass jessica and kat died their hair jessica's hair is blue and kat's hair is a bright red and taylor is a brunet and ashley is a blond they all have some bad past's but they got through it together they are like family and they only have each other


1. leaving America

taylor's POV

me jess kat and ash are planing on packing and leaving for australia asap i have to get out of here it was jessica's idea to move to australia she has it all set up she has a house waiting for us and she bought the 4 plane tickets she had like four jobs i dont know how she did it. so right now im sitting in my room packing our parents dont know jessica lives with her brother god we all hate him then my door busted open "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING MISSY" my drunk father screamed at me i gulped "n-nothing i-i was just putting some clothes im not going to wear f-for now" i stuttered my phone started to ring it was jessica i didn't have to look because of her ring tone it's 21 guns by green day i know if i dont answer she will know something is wrong but if i do my father will hurt me and she will know something is up she's like my body guard or guardian angle she protects me from my father she has beaten him up a few times before when he was drunk and when he was sober witch was almost never he was scared of her i didn't answer my father smiled "good girl" he said smirking i was smirking on the inside because i knew she was already on her way over here im glad im already done packing all of a sudden my door burst open again it was jessica and ashley thank god "STEP YOUR DRUNK ASS AWAY FROM HER NOW OR ILL BEAT YOUR ASS AGAIN" jessica threatened while she was arguing with glenn im not going to call him my father ever again ash help me with my bags as we walked out the door jessica knocked my dad out by hitting him with a lamp hehe i love her (like a sister) we ran to the car and put my stuff in the trunk and sat in the passenger side as jessica drove and ash and kat sat in the back "are you ok? did he hurt you? do i have to kill him? because i will" jessica asked i laughed "im fine you came just in time" i said and i smiled at her and she smiled back we arrived at the airport and sat waiting for our plane to be called it was about 30 minuets later we got on the plane jess got us first class tickets i guess she worked really hard she doesn't know i know about all 5 jobs she thinks i only know about 2 no body else knew i found out by someone at school well our old school it was gonna be a long flight i fell asleep and a couple of hours later i was woken up by jessica putting food on my tray it was some pancakes she got us all pancakes that was our favorite food i smiled at her she just smiled a fake smile back i gave her a confused face she shook her head meaning it was nothing 10 out of 10 chances she didn't sleep at all she was making sure nothing happen to us while the rest of us were sleeping she is over protective but i can understand because of her past "you didn't sleep did you?" i asked jessica we were all looking at her she looked down and shook her head "eat and then go to sleep we will be fine she just nodded she did almost what ever i told her to do i mean like sleep and thats it she did everything else 

*australian airport* 

jessica got a good amount of sleep on the plane i was glad she got us a taxi and we put our stuff in the trunk she sat in the passenger side and me ashley and kat sat in the back she told the guy where to go when we finally arrived at the house it was huge "wow" me kat and ash said at the same time jessica just smiled "how could you afford this" kat asked jess "i worked hard" is all she said i shook me head "well lets go inside i have it all furnished and our rooms are already chosen you will know who's is who's" jessica said smiling i knew mine would have pink and a walk in closet im sorta a girly girl but not really i knew jessica's would have blue and black ashley's would have bright colors like a rainbow she was the happiness/spirit of us 4 she was always happy jessica said she thinks ashley is always on drugs XD and kat's room would be green and blue. we walked in and it was so cool we had a pretty good sound system jessica told us about that by showing us as she blasted green day and nickel back and blink182 we smiled and went looking around for our rooms we all found them we each had a porch off of our rooms it was amazing jessica's room is next to mine and ashley and kat's room's are across the hallway jessica was down stairs then the music stopped witch is weird i heard the door open and jessica was talking to a dude i walked down stairs and saw a cop shit "yeah sorry officer we will keep our music down um we just moved here today" jessica said to the cop "ok well thank you ma'am for your time" he said she smiled at him and closed the door "i hate cop's" she said a looked out the window to make sure he was gone then she blasted the music again we went into the kitchen and talked "so im thinking of dying my hair" she said i looked at her with wide eyes "what color" i asked "blue like a darkish blue" she said i nodded "or maybe a bright blue most likely dark thou" "i would say dark blue" i said she nodded and smiled then kat came in "i want to die my hair a brightish red" we smiled and nodded ashley came in "im bleaching my hair so i can have blond hair with green tips" she said we all smiled "well im dying my tips pink" i said we were all smiling at each other we stopped the music locked up the house and were going towards thee garage it held 4 amazing cars 2 mustangs and 2 Comoros me and ashley got the mustangs and jess and kat got the Comoros we all got in them and started them omg i died they sounded amazing we left jess first them me then kat the ashley as we drove out we saw four guys standing around their cars same type of cars as us jessica sped of and we all followed after her we went to the store and bought the hair dye we came back and the four guys were on our lawn jessica parked and got out we followed behind her "excuse me can i help you?" jessica asked kind of annoyed they were here "yeah you can keep your music down and dont try to show off your cars they make to much noise" one with dark hair said "well hate to inform you but i could give a shit about what you want so off our property now" she said crossing her arms "just a warning" the dark haired boy said 2 blond boys already left it was just the dark haired boy and blond boy "listen blondey and ass hole if you threaten any of us i will personally beat the living shit out of you it wouldn't be the first time i had to do it to somebody" she snapped at them 

jessica's POV

i was getting so annoyed by them they threatened my family if they continued they wouldn't live long "aw im shaking in my boots" the blond kid said i was about to attack them but ashley kat and taylor held me back "jessica you cant afford to go to jail for beating people again" taylor said i calmed down and they let go the boys took a step back "again?" they dark haired boy said kinda nervous i didn't actually go to jail the charges were dropped but we tell people i went to jail to scare them a little i smirked evilly "yeah again some one laid a hand on taylor" i said pointing to her she smirked "so i beat them up just imagine what i would do if someone threatened them" i said and took a step closer to them they were taller than me by at least 4 inches if not more they backed up towards their property "yeah remember when kat's brother hit her" taylor said "yeah well he wont bother anyone EVER again" i said smirking kat doesn't actually have a brother XD but they don't know that the girls all laughed "now you 2 shoo or else" i said smirking evilly they walked back to their property looking back i turned around and we all went in side "so it like 12 in the afternoon and im starving" i said the laughed "me too" they all said at the same time we all laughed "lets ask our neighbors where is a good place to eat" i said the nodded and we walked across to their house i knocked and a woman in her mid forties answered "how may i help you" she asked kindly "hello ma'am we are new here and were wondering where a good place to get lunch at was?" i asked kindly "well dear me and my son and his friends were about to eat would you like to join us?" she asked "oh we wouldn't wont to bother you with that" i said "oh its no problem and my names liz by the way" she said i smiled "im jessica and these are my well they are like my sister taylor kat and ashley but we call her ash" i said smiling "well why dont you girls come in" she said and stepped aside and let us in "thank for welcoming us into you're lovely home" i said she smiled "mom who's down stairs" i heard so guys yell then the blond blue eyed boy walked down with the other guy that left first i smiled "hi im jessica and these are my um.. sisters Taylor kat and ashley" i said "please call me ash" ashley said with a smirk on her face "um im luke and this is ashton we call him ash" we all laughed a little "luke who's down stairs the other 2 walked down i smirked "as i said before im jessica these are my sisters taylor kat and ashley but we call her ash" "these guys are michael" he said pointing to the blond kid "and this is calum" he said pointing to the dark haired boy "well its nice to meet you luke your lovely mother invited us over for lunch" i said he looked at his mom she nodded and he smiled "that sounds great and im sorry about michael and calum earlier" luke said "no problem just remind them not to do that again" i said smiling at them they all nodded "well lets have lunch" liz said she gave us all some sandwiches "thank you again liz for inviting us over and for lunch" i said and the girls said thank you we were all smiling and i got up so did the others "guys you can sit" i said and laughed a little taylor playfully slapped my arm "liz where is the bathroom?" i asked "michael will show you dear" she said michael looked a little nervous i smiled and followed him to the bathroom "michael" i said he looked up at me "hm" "im not going to do anything to you guys im just very protective over my family they are all i have left" i said he looked at me with caring eyes "same here the boys and liz are all i have left" i nodded "well then we have something in common" i said smiling he smiled and nodded "well i just needed to talk to you so we can go back now" i said he nodded "you nod a lot" i said and he nodded smiling i laughed "hey you to" calum said walking up to us we weren't in the living room yet "i came to make sure michael wasn't dead" calum said with a smirk i want to wipe that smirk off his face "calum knock it off ok stop trying to piss her off" michael said i smiled at him then looked back at calum "oh i see you want to be on her good side because your scared of her you are afraid of a girl" calum said still smirking i took a deep breath "well ill let you get back to your little slut sisters" calum said michael held me back he let go i stormed past him and into the living room "well liz thank you so much but we have to go" i said a bit agitated "whats the matter dear you seem mad" liz said "yeah she is i called her and her sisters sluts" calum said walking in smirking i jumped at him but felt luke michael and ashton and the girls holding me back "YOU LITTLE FUCKER IM GOING TO KILL YOU NEVER INSULT ONE OF MY SISTERS OR YOU WILL REGRET IT" i screamed at him liz took him by his ear out of the living room they let go of me "jessica we are so sorry for calum's actions he's an idiot we know we will teach him a lesson later" michael said i hugged him and me and the girls left after saying their good bye's i went in the back yard near the tree and started throwing knives at it "what did that poor tree ever do to you i heard an Aussie accent from behind me it was luke i smiled "its either the tree or calum" i said and he nodded well we brought him here to apologies" he said i frowned he walked out "im sorry that i said the truth that you and your sisters are whores" calum said smirking i didn't have a knife in my hand so i ran at him but michael grabbed me and luke took calum away back to their house i could hear him yelling at calum michael let me go i ran grabbed my wallet and keys and ran to my black with two blue stripes down the middle Comoro and got in and started it and sped off michael got in his black mustang with white stripes like mine and came after me it was like 7 at night and it was getting dark i heard of a place where you go to race against other people i pulled up after i lost michael "hey doll you here to watch the men make some money or are you one of them" he pointed over to sluts "im not either im racing 'doll'" i said mimicking him he looked at me weird "your american?" he asked "no im from rainbow fucking landia yes im american" i said "pull up over there" he said pointing to the starting line i pulled up and put down my windows i heard a whistle "hey doll if i let you win you wanna come home with me tonight" some perv said in the car next to me i looked at him a smiled "no but if you win i might not beat your ass" i was smirking "well americans are fistey" he said chuckling i flipped him off and rolled my windows back up the the race started i raced past all of the guys and beat them then of course the cops came we fled in every direction i escaped and went back home i saw all of their cars so that means that they didn't come looking for me i went inside and it was dark "guys im home" i screamed no reply i went and checked their rooms they aren't there shit i walked next door and pounded on the door "oh my god there you are" liz said "liz are my sisters here they aren't in my house im about to go and flip out" "its ok dear their in the kitchen" i ran to the kitchen and found them all sitting there i sighed in relief "jessica" the girls screamed and ran to hug me then the guys except calum (like duh) i hugged michael the longest he hugged me tight and someone cleared their throat it was calum of course -_- we let go and the girls giggled i gave them the shut up look witch made them giggle even more ugh me ashley taylor kat and michael walked over to my house i invited michael in the girls went in and me and michael went to my room and watched so TV before i knew it i was asleep in michael's arms

*********authors note********

heyy guys how do u like it so far let me know thanks my lovely unicorns

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