Ohana (trilogy)

Chance, her new nickname. Harry my boyfriend. Louis, my brother.
Liam, my favorite. Niall, the Irish one. Zayn, the mysterious one.

That's my family. We all live together and we all get along and are bestfriends.


2. Jess

A/N hey guys! The last chapter was just a filler. Now I'm moving on to when chance is 16 and she's learning that harry isn't her real dad and stuff. Anyway I hope you like it!!

Warning! Sexual scenes! If you are uncomfortable don't read!

Chances POV

"Mom??" I yelled walking down the stairs I walked into the front room and found niall "hey uncle niall.. Have you seen my mom?" I asked him he turned and smiled at me "she went tonight so I'm here to make sure you don't throw a party or anything." He smiled winking I laughed at his weirdness "okay.. Well I was wonderin if I could go to Jessie's house?" I asked him. He shrugged "sure.. Be back by 10" he said I nodded and thanked him and ran back upstairs to change

I got my style from my dad and my attitude from my mom, so I dressed in black skinny jeans, with my boots, and then I put on a blue tank top with a button up white shirt that I only buttoned the bottom few. I put on mascara and then left "see y later niall!" I yelled slamming the front door behind me

I walked the couple blocks to my bestfriend Jessie's house. When I got there I walked in "I'm home!!" I teased Jessie's mom carrie walked in "hey chance!" She smiled "Jess is in her room." She told me I smiled and ran down to the basement and into her room "hey Jess!" I smiled "what's-" I froze in my tracks "what is he doing here?!" I asked Jess looking over to "oh sorry, he was hair leaving." Jess smiled "oh no, it's okay... I'll go." I snapped walking out I got outside and started walking "wait chance!" I heard I turned and saw James "go away." I growled walking off "I said wait!" He growled grabbing my wrist and pulling me towards him "get away!" I screamed but he kissed me I tried pulling away but he dug his nails deep into my skin I whimpered

"What is going on?!" Jess yelled James pushed me off of him shoving me to the ground "yeah chance what the hell is going on?! Why did you kiss me?" He yelled giving me a small smirk "I'm sorry baby, she kissed me.." He said walking to Jess "how could you?" She yelled at me I quickly got out my phone and ran down the street crying "chance?" He answered "come outside." I sniffled "what-" "please just come out.." I whispered but he didn't reply because he was opening the door and running out to me "chance what happened?" He asked I ran into his arms and cried

"James.. H-he kissed me and n-now him and j-Jess a..." I sniffled "there dating!" I cried I felt him tense "he touched you?" He asked I nodded "please don't do-" but it was too late he was already storming down the street. I ran after him but when I reached him he was banging on the door and when James answered he pulled him outside and started punching him. Kade was two years older than me so he was 18 he was my Bestfriend I secretly loved "kade!" I yelled Jess stormed out screaming "what the hell?! Chance you are a sick person!! Why would you send your manwhore to do your dirty work?" She yelled "I can't believe this I thought we were friends?" She yelled "we were." I stated "then why-" "he raped me!" I yelled "your fucking boyfriend fucking raped me okay?!" I screamed tears streaming down my face "what?" She asked her face dropping and tears springing to her eyes "I didn't-" "goodbye Jess." I said "I'll miss you." I said and turned and walked down the road and straight into jades house and I walked up to his room and layed down on his bed

I called Niall "hello?" His deep accent answered "hey uncle Ni, is it okay if I stay at kades?" I asked "are you okay?" He asked hearing me sniffle "no.." I said- that's how I am, I'm super honest- "yea but be home before noon.." He said "okay.." I nodded "be careful.." He said "always." I promised and hung up I jumped when I felt arms wrap around me

"Kade!" I gasped "you scared me!" I said he gave me a small smile I looked at his hands and saw blood "kade, your hands!" I said grabbing them "it's his blood, don't worry." He chuckled "yeah, that makes me feel so much better!" I joked he pulled me up onto his lap so I was straddling him

I loosely wrapped my arms around his neck "you didn't have to so that ya know.." I said "yes I did, chance. It's my job to protect you. Your mine to cherish, and keep safe." He said in all seriousness "I'm yours?" I asked confused "yes, you always have been and you always will be." He whispered and started to lean in "kade I don-" but his lips were already pressed against mine.

All my worries floated away and he moved his soft warm lips to behind my ear I moaned and threw my head back, he kissed down my neck and to the top of my tank top kissing the small part of my breast that was showing I let out a small moan and started to grind on him. I slowly moved my hips "he gasped and threw his head back. I took this as an opportunity to kiss him.

My lips connected with his Adam's apple and I lightly kissed and moved to the right kissing where his shoulder meets his neck. I started to lightly suck and nibble, leaving a mark claiming him "now your mine too." I whispered blowing on it

He moved me away and kissed my lips again. I grinded even faster and soon he started growing and he pressed into me making me wet. "I can't." He said "I don't want to hurt you." He mumbled "you won't." I promised "we've already gone this far.. Please, I'll tell you if it hurts." I promised he sighed "fine, but you better tell me." He said pushing my onto my back

He then started to grind on me while unbuttoning my shirt, then he slipped it off moving to my tank top, he slipped it off of me and threw it across the room. He then trailed his fingers down my stomach all the way to my feet pulling off my boots and socks. He kissed my toe and kissed up my leg to the button of my jeans. He slowly slipped my pants off and looked down at me. He let out a deep growl from the back of his throat "your so beautiful." He complimented

I smiled and pulled him up to my lips I grabbed onto his slightly long curly hair and yanked on it lightly getting a moan from him. "That feels so good." He mumbled against my breast that was showing at the top of my bra. I smiled "fairs fair." I said pulling his shirt over his head then I flipped us over so I was straddling him. I leaned down and kissed his lips, chin, shoulder, chest, and all the way down his toned stomach and then I unbuckled his jeans and slipped them off along with his shoes and socks.

I went back and straddled him and I looked down at him and smiled "your so beautiful." He said again "did you know I've loved you since your 8th birthday party." He said "what?" I asked "I'm in love with you." He said I sat there frozen "but.. You don't love me.." I said his eyes full of hurt

Finally all my senses came back and a huge smile made it's way on my face "no! Kade, I'm in love with you too." I said and slammed my lips to his "i always have." I said he flipped us back around and he slipped off my bra kissing each breast then he trailed his tongue down my stomach to my underwear slipping them off. He kissed my folds and looked up at me I gripped the sheets feeling so turned on

He looked back down and kissed my sensitive bud making me arch my back, he took it in between his lips and sucked and lightly nibbled "oh my god.." I gasped as his tongue went into my center. He licked me and then moved and put a finger in "oh.." I gasped then he put on two and I started moaning really bad I couldn't stop.

"K-kade I-im" I started to shake "oh my god!" I screamed arching my back off the mattress and I gripped the sheets. Once I calmed down he pulled his fingers out licking them "you taste so good." He mumbled pressing his lips against mine. He pulled his boxers off and I looked down "your huge!" I gasped

He chuckled "9 inches just for you baby." He smiled I looked up at him and gave him a small smile and reached down grabbing him. He let out a small gasp and his eyes widened I gently pushed him onto his back and started yanking at him. He cursed and moaned my name. "S-stop!" He gasped gently pushing me away "I need to be inside you." He said pushing me flat on my back

I gently pushed in and I squeezed my eyes shut "am I hurting you?" He asked I opened my eyes and shook my head "no... I just need to get used to your size, keep going." I insisted. He kept going, very slow as to not hurt me. Soon he was completely in and he waited as I adjusted to his big size. "Okay.." I said pulling him down to me "go." I demanded pressing my lips to his. Our tongues danced and he started moving.

He moved slowly and then got faster and then faster and soon the whole bed was shaking and my head was thrown back and my nails were digging into his back, he was groaning and telling my name. "Your so fucking tight!" He groaned "you feel so good." He said "fa-faster! Go faster." I said and he went faster I gasped for air and flipped us around.

I straddled him and pressed myself into him, he put his fingers on my clit and started rubbing "oh my god!" That feels so good!" I screamed throwing my head back as I bounced up and down soon it was too much and I started shaking again and I squeezed against him and he groaned looking into my eyes I fell against him "keep going." I gasped he flipped us around and he pumped extremely fast and hard along me go wild

"Oh- my oh my god!!" I screamed I pulled him down by the hair and he kissed my neck and he played with my breasts sucking and nibbling soon he let out a animal like growl "I-I'm almost there, cum with me." He said he pressed in as deep as possible I started to shake and I squeezed around him and soon he released letting a warm liquid fill me. He pressed in extremely deep and stayed while both of us rode our our high. I fell against the mattress and gasped for air as kade layed ontop of me. Once we both caught our breathe he pulled himself out of me and moved next to me.

"That was the best sex ever!" He said with a thin film of sweat gleaming on him I nodded and closed my eyes "oh my god..." I gasped "that really was amazing!" I sat up and smiled "need a shower?" I asked he jumped up and we ran to the shower. He turned on the water and we both got in. We both stood under the water with his arms around my waist and mine pressed in between us with my head on his chest and his head ontop of my head.

"I love you.." He mumbled "I love you too." I sighed smiling he pulled away and started washing my body, and hair. He rinsed me off and quickly washed himself and we got out. He handed me some boxers that I slipped on along with his baggy t shirt. We pulled his boxers on and we both hopped into his bed. He held me close to him and I instantly fell asleep in his embrace.

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