Ohana (trilogy)

Chance, her new nickname. Harry my boyfriend. Louis, my brother.
Liam, my favorite. Niall, the Irish one. Zayn, the mysterious one.

That's my family. We all live together and we all get along and are bestfriends.


1. 1

"Chance!!" I yelled from the door "chance come here please!" I yelled again "coming!!" I heard my daughters young voice yell I heard giggling and her and kade came running up the driveway. They were bestfriends, inseparable really.

"Come here party girl!!" I smiled as she jumped into my arms "hello kade!" I smiled at the 8 year old boy "hello mrs. Styles." He smiled politely "call me Tyler please." I said and walked inside with the two kids following "okay chance! Are you ready to turn 8?" I asked smiling "yes!!" She squealed "good, now go wash up." I demanded jokingly "yes ma'am!" She saluted marching away

"Well I better go wash myself up too." Kade said looking at his dirty clothes I nodded "okay, you come back for the party!" I said he nodded and ran out the door and back home.

I found the boys outside setting up for the party. Our yard was HUGE!! And yet they still managed to get ready quickly. There were lights wrapped around all the trees, streamers around the bushes, a snack table and a drink table. It looked amazing!!

I smiled as I walked back into the house I walked to chances bedroom finding her already showered and sitting on her bed. I smiled at her and walked to her closet. I pulled out a cute summer shirt, it was lacy and yellow, along with black shorts. I turned as she quickly dressed. I took her to the bathroom and I blew her hair dry and then I let her brown curls fall naturally down her back. Then I turned her around and applied a little mascara -to make her feel special- to her bright blue eyes that she unfortunately got from my kidnapper, but she was still adorable. Once she was all dolled up we walked out to the garden matching. I wore black shorts and a tight yellow shirt and my naturally curly hair.

When we walked into the garden everyone was already there, my friends and Harry's friends and then chances friends. Chance smiled when she saw niall and she ran up to him as he picked her up. They were bestfriends dispute the age difference, you know since niall is 22 and she's 7... I giggled at them as I walked to harry. He wrapped his arms around my tiny waist "you look gorgeous." He said winking.

I smiled and mumbled a thank you as I pressed my lips to his.

As the party went on everyone settled in and was having a great time. Harry went and got the cake and lit it up. Everyone started singing as chance stood on a chair. She had a grin from ear to ear. She blew out the candles and stuck her small finger into the cake before licking it off. We all laughed at her and cut the cake serving it to everyone.

Soon we all gathered for a game of football, (soccer)

Harry, niall, chance, kade, Ben, Angela, prim, and rose were on my team and zayn, Liam, louis, Kate, Sid, Wayne, Sarah, and finnick were on the opposing team.

We all got lined up and started the game. Chance scored the winning goal and we won by 7-5. We all bumped our chests and cheered and we all ran around.

Soon the sun set and we all scattered around the grass laying in the dim light from the bushes and trees. We all were talking and laughing as the kids ran around playing. Soon it was 11 and everyone left chance went to bed and harry and I cuddled together...

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