Newly Stepbrother

My name is Anna and things were going great until my father died when I was 8. Now I am 18 and my mum (Elizabeth) is engaged to a great guy named Bobby. Just one problem, he has a son my age named Niall. I have never met Niall before because I he isn't the best influence on me apparently. I wont be meeting him until the wedding. All I can think about is, "Oh my god", now that I am standing at the alter next to my mum.


4. Nightmare

I pulled the covers over my body as I set my head down on my pillow. I closed my eyes after a 3 days of thinking about Niall. "Just go to sleep already, Anna. You're meeting him in 2 days.

_NIGHTMARE_ (At the beach wedding)

"MUM! HELP ME!!!" I screamed to her as Niall carried me off the beach. "Lets run away and get married." Niall said kissing me behind a corner. "What do you want from me Niall?" I asked staring into his unbearable soul. "I want you, Anna." He said smiling at me. "I would want to be with you, if only you hadn't taken me away from one of the most important days in you dad and my mum's life." I told him. "Shut up." He said as he put duck tape around my mouth and threw me into a car. "Lets go my future bride." Niall said driving off.

_Wakes Up_

I felt sweat on my forehead when I woke up with the sun shinning in my face. "Anna, breakfast is ready! Theo and Greg are here too!" Bobby shouted from the kitchen. I had a headache from the nightmare. "I'll be down there in 15 minutes!" I yelled back to him. I grabbed out my laptop that was laying under my bed. I decided to email Niall.


Hi! I am eager to meet you tomorrow, Niall. I just had a nightmare and for some reason, you were in it. Are you as amazing as your fans think you are? I really hope you answer back to my past to messages. I know your busy, but I wonder about who you are and what you are like. I guess I will see who you truly are tomorrow. :)


P.S. Any answer on the last name?

I ran downstairs and saw my soon-to-be nephew and one of two stepbrothers. "Greg! Little Theo! So great to see you both." I said smiling. "Have a bad dream? You are all sweaty and look a bit tired." Greg said to me. "Oh, yes. Its only just a little nightmare." I said grabbing a piece of toast and drinking my tea. I went on with my morning and saw Niall had emailed me back.


Hello Again, Anna,

  Can I just answer all of your questions tomorrow? I want you to see who I am first before I start saying stupid things. My dad doesn't really know I have changed, but I was glad to except of being Best Man at the wedding. I know it might be a little awkward walking down the aisle with someone you never met before. We'll just make the best of it I guess! You seem like a very interesting girl by all of your questions. It flatters me that your so into meeting me and getting to know me. About the last name, I think you should keep Anna Jane Gates. Its beautiful that way.


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