Newly Stepbrother

My name is Anna and things were going great until my father died when I was 8. Now I am 18 and my mum (Elizabeth) is engaged to a great guy named Bobby. Just one problem, he has a son my age named Niall. I have never met Niall before because I he isn't the best influence on me apparently. I wont be meeting him until the wedding. All I can think about is, "Oh my god", now that I am standing at the alter next to my mum.


2. Maid Of Honor

It was only last month in March that Bobby told be I was going to meeting my newly stepbrother at the wedding. Sometimes, all I can think about is Niall. He sounds interesting to me. I feel like I have heard that name somewhere but I just cant place where exactly. I think Bobby said that Niall will be the Best Man at the wedding. Greg has been like my brother for the past 2 years and now he is going to be my stepbrother. Its crazy how time goes by so quickly.


My mum is taking me and the bridesmaids dress shopping. We pulled into the parking lot and walked inside to see 5 screaming women. "Elizabeth!" All the bridesmaids yelled. "Anna!" My best friend, Kate, yelled. We haven't seen each other in 2 months because her dad got a new job in London. I live in Mullingar, Ireland. I walked to the back of the store and into the corner with Kate. "Is something wrong? Because your taking me to a corner and you look worried." She said and I smiled.


"You know me so well, Kate." I said and we laughed. "So, last month. Bobby told me that he had another son, his name is Niall. Do you know a guy named Niall James Horan?" I had asked her. "HE IS IN THE BOYBAND, ONE DIRECTION!" Kate quietly yelled. "Shhh! Are you sure? Bobby didn't say anything about him being in a band." I said. "Horan. Bobby's last name is Horan and his son is Niall. Perfect match!" She said.


"I don't even know who the hell he is!" I yelled in a whisper. "Don't worry, I will help you through this. Have you met him yet?" Kate asked. "I wont meet him until the wedding." I told her as I walked up to my mum and all of the bridesmaids. "Anna, can I ask you something?" Mum said. I looked at her a smiled brightly. "Will you do me the favor in being my Maid of Honor?" She asked and I looked at her. "Absolutely!" I said as I ran to her arms without thinking what I had just said.


Oh my god, why didn't I think of what I was going to say! I am the Maid of Honor, Bobby has all of his groomsmen, but this only means really one thing. The one thing is that I have to walk next to Niall down the aisle, the Best Man, my newly stepbrother.

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