Newly Stepbrother

My name is Anna and things were going great until my father died when I was 8. Now I am 18 and my mum (Elizabeth) is engaged to a great guy named Bobby. Just one problem, he has a son my age named Niall. I have never met Niall before because I he isn't the best influence on me apparently. I wont be meeting him until the wedding. All I can think about is, "Oh my god", now that I am standing at the alter next to my mum.


12. 4 Others


   "There is 4 others that I want you to meet." Niall said pulling up to a mansion. "Who lives here!?" I asked because somebody had to be rich to live here. Niall knocked on the door and a brown curly haired boy showed up. "Niall!" He shouted and looked around his shoulder and saw me. "Who is this pretty girl?" He said and I blushed. "This is my stepsister, Anna Gates. Anna, this is one of my band mates and best friends, Harry Styles." Niall said.


Harry smiled and stared at me for a second. "Can we come in, Harry?" Niall asked snapping Harry out of his little world. "Yeah, sure." He said opening the door wider. "BOYS! NIALL IS HERE AND HE BROUGHT A GUEST!!" Harry yelled. Boys? 4 others? I saw 3 boys running from different places. One down the stairs then another from the kitchen and the 3rd coming from the couch.


"Anna, this is One Direction. There is Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and me, Niall Horan. Boys, this is my new stepsister, Anna Gates." Niall said. I smiled shyly and blushed a little too. "I like girls who eat carrots." Louis suddenly said. "Nice to know." I said nodding. "You get used to it after a while." Liam said. Zayn stood there quietly. "Zayn, I like that name." I told him and he gave me a smile. "Thank you." He said.


"Well, Simon signed Anna to Syco Records now. So does anybody want to come and celebrate at Nandos?" Niall said. "Yay!" They all shouted at ran past me to the door, even Niall. Harry stood there and smiled at me. "I will walk with you." He said and I smiled some more. "Thank you, Harry. That's very nice of you." I said walking out the door and to the car with him.

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