Hi my name is Tori. I got a job as Justin's bodyguard and we're best friend since we were 2. I got the job because of my dad, Scooter. But I'm not allowed to date Justin or will that change? Read to find out.


1. I protect you not grind on you.

Tori's p.o.v

Justin: Tori, wake up we have rehearsals.

I slowly woke up looking at a Justin in sweat pants and a white T-shirt.

Tori: Ugh why did I say yes to being your stupid bodyguard?

Justin: Because you love me.

Tori: No it's because I'm stupid *sarcasm*

Justin: Whatever Tori c'mon!

Tori: Fine I'm coming Justin!

I got ready and was wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a white T-shirt and my leather jacket and I always had agin in the back part of my jeans. When I walked to the main part of the bus and saw Justin ,Chaz ,Ryan ,scooter ,and Alfredo watching TV.

Scooter: Sweetie, you ready? ( scooter is my dad and Justin is my best friend)

Tori: Uh, yeah.

~~~skip the car ride too lazy lol~~~

When we got there all the back up dancers were there stretching. I scanned the room and found Kim, Carley,Kiley, and Heidi. They were the female backup dancers and we were best friends.

Heidi: Het girly.

Tori: sup bae.

Heidi: Omfg, Justin is so hot.

Kim: OMG! Heidi, no he's not!

We were all laughing at the both of them arguing about Justin's hotness.

Justin: Tori can you come here?

I walked over to him having all the girl's eyes on me.

Justin: For beauty and a beat do you think I should body rock with someone?

Tori: Yeah someone would like that very much Justin haha

Justin: so you'll do it ?!?

Tori: Wait, what!!! No Justin I'm your body guard and I'm not doing that I'm supposed to protect you not grind on you!

Justin: C'mon PLEASE I'd rather do it with you than with girls I don't know that well.

Tori: Justin there your dancers for a reason. At least try first then I might think about it.

Justin: Ok! Yay!

Tori: Silly boy.

I turned on my heels and walked to the girls I left moments ago.

Heidi: What did he say ? ( Heidi has a huge crush on Justin)

Tori: One of you get to do body rock with Justin in beauty and a beat at tonight's concert.

Heidi: OMG ! He's gonna want me even more!

Tori: OMG Heidi your crazy haha.

Justin: can I have all the female dancers up front.

All my friends crowded around Justin, Heidi a bit too close making Justin take a step back, seeing this made me want to laugh.anyways Heidi was first.Justin and Heidi got in position, Justin's front to her back. Watching this made me feel a sharp pain run through my veins and I think it was jealousy.*wait, what!! Tori he's you best friend, stop it!* Justin started the music and Heidi grinded on him like there was no tomorrow. Justin stopped the music and took a step back, this made me feel some what better.

Heidi: What's the matter Justy?

Justin: don't call me that!

I walked over to them having all eyes on me trying to calm Justin down.

Tori: Justin calm down.

Justin: No!

He yelled at me!I don't know why but I wanted to cry but fought the tears.

Justin: I'm sorry Tori.

Then he hugged me.

Justin: Tori, you have to do body rock with me. Please?

Heidi turned her head and gave me a look that could kill and if looks could kill I'd be dead.

Tori: Um...


Hey guys, this my first story and I want it to be great hope you like it! And please comment and tell me what you think.

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