Who knew life could be so harsh? 19 year old Kennedy Prescott thinks so. She's at her breaking point but who or what changed that? Will she allow this change? Read on to find out.


2. Wait

I look up some 1D contests I can enter since the previous ones I entrered turned me down. I find a new one that says "Are you an artist? Send us a drawing of something 1D related! Winners will be announced next Saturday so get to drawing!" I immediately get excited. I rush home and run to my room. Luke came to my room and looked puzzled. "Why in a rush?" he asked. "I just entered a 1D contest and now I gotta draw something 1D related!  Get out! " He awkwardly walked out. I grab my sketchbook and start drawing the lads with tattoos and holding teddy bears. It takes me about 3 or 4 hours.  At this time it's like 4 or 5 PM.  I go downstairs and find Luke gone. Something tells me he's out with his friends. I go and check on my grandparents. They're fine. I decide to cook some spaghetti.  I serve my grandparents first and I eat last. It's now 2:00AM and I hear the door open.  I put on my robe and see who it is.  I find Luke laying on the couch with a girl. "LUKE!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" He jumps up. "Riley...I thought you were asleep!" "WHO IS THIS GIRL LUCAS?!" My voice is breaking and tears are forming. "LUCAS HOW DARE YOU?!  AFTER 2 YEARS,  YOU DO THIS TO ME?! GET OUT!!!" He sits there puzzled, along with his lady friend. I go and grab my bat from my room. "GET OUT OR I BASH YOUR HEAD IN A THOUSAND PIECES!!!" He and the girl both run out the door and I crawl to my room and cry in the corner in fetal position. I wake up and I'm in my bed. I turn to my left and there's coffee and biscuits with bacon. I get and check on my grandparents. My grandma and grandpa are both smiling. "Did you guys do that?" "I figured we'd show some love after what happened last night." grandma says. I blush and say "Oh.. you heard that?" She nods. I smile and go back up to my room and check my phone. I have 10 missed calls and 15 messages from Luke. I delete them and notice it's... SATURDAY. The winners are announced today! --

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