Who knew life could be so harsh? 19 year old Kennedy Prescott thinks so. She's at her breaking point but who or what changed that? Will she allow this change? Read on to find out.


6. Friends or more

I wake up and smell something delicious. I check my phone and it's 11:04AM. I lazily get out of bed and walk to the kitchen. I turn the corner and bump into Harry. I only have on 1D boxers and a shirt. Great. Now im embarrased. Harry laughs and Louis comes. "whats so funny?" he looks at me and laughsd too. "Haha very funny guys. Whats cooking?" "Baconnn!" Liam says as he came out grandmas room. I laugh and walk into the kitchen to seeZayn and Niall talking. They stop as I walk in. "Good morning sleeping beauty." Zayn says. "Good morning my prince and goodmorning Niall" I take a piece of bacon and walk to my room. My door opens and Niall walks in. "Nice boxers!" "Haha thanks bruh" I lay back on my pillow and eat the rest of my bacon. Niall lays on the other half of my pillow. "So how's life?" he asks. "Well. A couple of nights ago, I caught my boyfriend...well my ex...cheating." "Aw Ken that sucks...sorry to hear that. Any guy that cheats on you is missing out on a beautiful, intlelligent and perfect girl." "Aw thanks Niall but Im not perfect..if anyone's perfect, it's you." He blushes and turns his face. "Aww are you blushing?!" He laughs. "Nooo! Im not!" "Yes you are!" He trys to run but I jump on his back and he falls. "Ah!" The other guys come running in and stop. "What happened up here?!" "Niall was blu-" he cut me off by putting his hand over my mouth. "I accidentally fell off the bed." They all laugh and leave. "You little liar." "Haha well maybe if you didnt make me blush, I wouldnt have to lie" "Psh whatevs!"--

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