Lou Teasdale's Daughter

"So Tell Me Babe, Why Hide Away From Us?" He asked Smirking As Our Eyes Locked "To Make Sure I dont Fall for Any of You Jackasses." I Say Drifting Away Until Someone Grips My Wrist "I'll Change That Sweetheart.." He Finishes Letting me Walk Back into The room


1. Chapter 1

Lou Teasdale's Daughter:

"But Mum You Don't Understand!" I Yell Dreadfully As I Follow Her Around Our House 

"LACY, Enough Now! She Finally Finishes Both You AND Lux Are Coming On The Tour! Period!" 

I Groan, " Mother, I'm 18 Years Of Age! I'm Old Enough To Stay Home Alone! Your Treating Me Like Lux!" 

"LACY ELIZABETH! STOP! " She Screams From The Laundry Room While I'm Currently In our Living Room. 

"LOU TEASDALE! STOP!" I Copy Her, Annoyed I walk Upstairs To My bedroom And Shut my Door.

After About 20 Minutes I'm Upstairs I Get A Text From My Mum...

"While your Up There You Might Wanna Pack." 

-Mum X 

I Scream Into A pillow As I Read the Text Why Couldn't My Mom Under Stand That I REALLY didn't want To go! 

I Heard My Phone Go off again And see my Mother Texted Me Again. Now What The Hell Does She Want. i think to myself. . 

"Screaming Wont get them Bags Packed Baby Doll...You Aren't Getting Out of this!"

-Mum X

I Roll My eyes As I curse Under My Breath, I look Over to where my Unpacked  Luggage Is. As I'm Thinking if I Should Pack..Or If I shouldn't...


It Took Me About 45 Minutes- To An Hour To Figure Out What I should Do, I Decided To Pack Because I clearly Wasn't going to get out of this. 

I Hated The Thought Of being on tour With One direction i wasn't Fond Of That Many Boy Bands, I Usually Liked To stay Home, Even If I had to Stay there And Babysit Lux. 

I Packed The Best Clothes I had, Since Theyre Was going to be tons Of people I didn't want to Be the Girl Who Look Like A wreak The Whole Entire Tour. 

 When I Got about Half My Bags Packed I fell Onto my bed and I heard A beep 

I realized Someone Texted Me, I didn't know the number but i read it anyway 

"Heard That You were Finally Coming With...Can't Wait, Babe <3" 

-H XX 

Harry. Just Fucking Great. I mumble As I throw My phone and Take A Nap...


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