Do You Remember Me?

When Grimmjow woke up from a coma, he'd forgotten one of the most important people in his life, his husband, Ichigo. How will Ichigo cope with the news that Grimmjow doesn't remember him and how will he help him remember? Can he make Grimmjow remember him?


4. Chapter 4

Ichigo pulled up outside the Jaeggerjaques family home and stopped the car with a sigh before getting out. Walking to the door, he rang the bell before waiting for it to be answered. For the past few weeks, he had been seeing Grimmjow on and off every few days, things between them running relatively smooth all things considered.

Ichigo sighed and shook his head, Grimmjow had yet to ask him what had happened to him, how he ended up in the hospital. He was surprised the man hadn't asked yet, he was sure it would be one of his first questions, yet he never asked. Ichigo was just dreading the day he did though, how could he explain what had happened?

He was pulled from his thoughts when the door opened and looked up to see it was Nel and smiled as she grinned at him and pulled him into a crushing hug. "Ichigo! What are you doing here?"

Stepping out of her arms, the orange head rolled his eyes. "Grimmjow called last night, said he needed to talk to me again." Seeing Nel's face fall slightly, he frowned. "What is it?"

She hesitated, glancing back into the house before stepping outside and pulling the door shut. "It's just… Grimmjow's acting strange, y'know, more than usual at the moment." She murmured the words quietly and Ichigo's frown deepened.

"So? Do you know why?" When Nel shook her head, he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Well I guess the only way to find out is to talk to him I guess. Where is he?"

"Upstairs in his room." Opening the door again, she let Ichigo in. "Good luck."

"Thanks I guess." Ichigo shook off her strange behaviour before heading upstairs. Grimmjow must really be acting strange for Nel to be like that. I wonder what's wrong? Stopping outside Grimmjow's doo, Ichigo hesitated for a moment before knocking. "Grimmjow? It's Ichigo, I hope you're decent 'cuz I'm coming in." Opening the door, Ichigo found the man sat on the bed and sighed in relief when he looked up at smiled at him. "Hey."

"Hey." Grimmjow beckoned him closer so Ichigo closed the door and sat down next to him.

"So what's up? Nel says your acting strange?" He frowned when Grimmjow shrugged and looked away. Seeing his hand, Ichigo covered it with his own and gave it a light squeeze. "Grimmjow? Whatever it is, you know you can tell me."

"Can I?" He murmured the words, meeting Ichigo's eyes. "I don't know if you wanna know this."

Ichigo frowned before shaking his head. "Whatever it is, just tell me. Maybe I can help?" Grimmjow snorted and turned away again, pulling his hand from under Ichigo's to cover his face with a groan. "Please tell me, do you remember something?" When Grimmjow nodded, Ichigo's eyes widened in surprise. "Well isn't that good? What is it?"

"I… It's a woman, I don't know who though." Ichigo frowned when Grimmjow lifted his head to meet his eyes again. "I think I was dating her?"

Ichigo's frown deepened and he slowly shook his head again. "I don't know, I mean, you've never mentioned an ex-girlfriend to me. We've been together six years, so even if you did, that was a long time ago."

"That's the thing, the memories, or whatever they are, they don't feel old." Grimmjow sighed and ran his finger down Ichigo's jaw to grasp his chin. "They feel recent, I mean, I saw the date in one of them, it was five months ago."

His eyes widened and Ichigo jerked his head free of Grimmjow's grasp. "W-what?"

"I think… I might've been cheating on you Ichigo…" He caught Ichigo's hand when those brown eyes filled with tears and squeezed it softly. "Hey, whoever she is, I don't remember her ok? She doesn't mean anything anymore."

"And me? What do I mean?" Ichigo pulled away and rubbed at his face. "Why are you remembering her and not me? Is this the reason you don't remember me?" Looking at Grimmjow again, he managed a weak smile. "Do you even care about me now?"

Grimmjow frowned in thought before shrugging. "I don't know, I mean yeah, I care about you. But I don't know how much, or if it's romantic or what. This woman, whoever she is, I need to find her. If she can tell me something, I need to know."

"Then go find her, don't let me stop you." Ichigo stood up to leave, turning to look at Grimmjow. "If you find out you were cheating on me, I want to know." He sighed and hesitated. "What do you remember about her?"

"Not much, just… dates I guess. I mean, we were having dinner in one, it seemed kinda romantic?" Grimmjow stopped and shook his head. "I don't know, it could be anything couldn't it?"

"I guess, we shouldn't just assume the worst." Ichigo watched apprehensively as Grimmjow stood up. "So, where are you going to start?"

"No idea, my phone I guess. Maybe I have her number?" moving towards Ichigo, he cupped his cheeks and smiled softly. "Don't worry, me cheating is only one possibility of many."

He nodded and sighed, grabbing Grimmjow's wrists to hold his hands in place. "I know, it's just hard to think about it. I don't want to think you were doing that behind my back. That you didn't love me as much as you said you did." Ichigo's eyes slid shut when Grimmjow bent down and kissed him firmly, frowning in confusion when he pulled away. "What was that for?"

"I loved you, trust me, I know that much." He frowned when Ichigo looked away and pulled out of his hold. "What?"

"Just that you loved me?" Ichigo smiled bitterly and shook his head before sighing. "It doesn't matter, I should go anyway." He turned to leave, pausing at the door. "If you find out anything about that woman, can you let me know?"


Ichigo smiled sadly before turning back to the door. "Thanks." Murmuring the word, he left and shut the door with a soft click, banging his head on it with a thump. "Damn it."

"Ichigo?" He opened his eyes when he heard Nel calling him and sighed before going downstairs to find her waiting at the bottom. "So what happened?"

He snorted and rubbed his arm, looking at her with a small frown. "He remembers a woman, doesn't know who she is but he thinks he was cheating on me with her."

Nel's eyes widened in surprise before she slowly shook her head, letting out a disbelieving laugh. "he wouldn't, there's no way he would do that to you, he loved you." When Ichigo flinched, she frowned. "What?"

"Everyone keeps saying he loved you. Doesn't he anymore, everyone says it in past tense. Do you really think he doesn't feel anything towards me anymore?" Ichigo bit his bottom lip and shook his head. "I need to go home and think, maybe I can find something about this woman in his stuff."

"Maybe, I'll have a look too." Nel hugged him briefly before letting Ichigo leave. "Whoever she is Ichigo, I hope it wasn't like that, for your sake…" She frowned before going upstairs to find Grimmjow sat on his bed again and stood in front of him with a glare. "Well, what the hell did you say to him?"

Grimmjow sighed exasperatedly. "Nell…"

"Do you really think Ichigo needed to know that?" She cut him off. "How do you think he feels now? Not only don't you remember him, but the thought that you were cheating on him too, could you be more stupid?"

"He needed to know! Besides, it might not have been like that, she could've been anyone." Grimmjow sighed and covered his face with his hands. "But, there's something going on. Damn it why can't I remember?"

Nel sighed and sat down next to him, patting his arm comfortingly. "So, what now?"

"No idea, find out who she is I guess, what else is there?" He paused and looked at Nel. "I don't want it to be that though. I know it will hurt Ichigo a lot if I was cheating on him so I hope I wasn't."

"Of course you weren't stupid, you loved him." Nel stopped at that, remembering what Ichigo said. "Do you still love him?"

Grimmjow sighed and thought about it for a moment. "I don't know…"

"Have you two, you know… done anything?" Grimmjow raised an eyebrow at her and she blushed. "What? I'm just asking."

He snorted at that. "No not really, we've kissed, but that's it."


"And what?"

Nel rolled her eyes, Grimmjow could be so dense sometimes. "What do you think dumbass, is there something there?"

Again, he thought about it for a moment before answering slowly. "I don't know, I guess it's nice?" He snorted when Nel smacked his arm. "Ok fine, he's a good kisser, maybe a bit more than nice." He flinched when Nel squealed.

"Then what are you doing sitting here?! Go tell him already!" She dragged him to his feet, pulling him downstairs before he could protest.

"Nel calm down." Pulling his arm free, Grimmjow raised an eyebrow at her overexcited attitude. "Maybe I'm not ready for that. He knows me, everything about me near enough and I know nothing about him. I can't, not yet, I need to know more."

She sighed and looked at him. "You want to know who that woman is, don't you?"

"Among other things yes. What if I did cheat on him? Do you think he'll want to be with me then?" He paused and shook his head. "Or what if we got back together, and she reappeared, then what? I need to know who she is Nel."

She nodded and smiled. "Ok, I'll help you."

"Thanks Nel." Grimmjow smiled back before going to open the door. "Let's go out for a bit. I need to clear my head." She nodded and he opened the door, leading her outside. "Let's go then."

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