Do You Remember Me?

When Grimmjow woke up from a coma, he'd forgotten one of the most important people in his life, his husband, Ichigo. How will Ichigo cope with the news that Grimmjow doesn't remember him and how will he help him remember? Can he make Grimmjow remember him?


2. Chapter 2

*One Week Later*

After a week of being cooped up in the small hospital room, with his only chance to leave the room was to go to the bathroom, Grimmjow was glad to be finally leaving. Nel had come down to take him home and was currently helping into the car.

"I can get in myself you know."

She scoffed, cuffing the side of his head lightly and stuck her tongue out at the scowl she received. "Please, you can even go down the stairs without help. "

Grimmjow folded his arms and muttered something best left unheard by Nel, which thankfully it was as she left to get in the driver's seat. He sighed and glanced out the window with a frown. Ichigo had come down to see him a couple of times since he'd woken up, but he was still no closer to remembering anything than he had been when he did wake up.

His stomach churned again and he growled, why did he feel so guilty? It wasn't like he intentionally forgot, was it? Then there was the actual fact of what happened to him, why he was in the hospital in the first place. Nel was reluctant to tell him and all Grimmjow had pieced together so far was that he'd been shot in the head, the bullet thankfully missing his brain and just damaged his skull. So all in all, he was lucky to be alive.


She glanced at him momentarily, the hesitant call of her name making her frown, it was unlike her brother to be careful with his words. "Yeah?"

"Why did someone shoot me? Who was it?" When Nel sighed and shook her head and his eyes narrowed in annoyance. "Why won't you tell me?"

"Because it's not my place, it's Ichigo's."

He huffed at that and fell silent. The last thing he wanted to do was ask Ichigo. God knows what it would do to the man if he had to relive that. For now, he would have to figure it out himself. Maybe if he remembered that, he could remember something about Ichigo. When they arrived back at their family home, Grimmjow was out of the car before Nel had even parked and walked inside.

"Grimmjow!" He stopped and sighed, glancing up to see his mother come rushing down the stairs, pulling him into a hug once she reached him. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine mum, stop fussing." Pulling out of her arms, Grimmjow smiled reassuringly. "Just glad to finally leave the hospital."

She frowned, running her hand through his short blue strands that had started growing back after the surgery. After Grimmjow found out they had shaved it all off, he almost had a heart attack. His hair was something he cherished, and for some reason he couldn't remember, he liked it long.

Scowling at the action, Grimmjow moved away and ran a hand through the strands. "Damn, I hate having short hair."

His mother chuckled at that. "I know, Ichigo conditioned that into you."

He raised an eyebrow at that, his hand falling slack at his side. "Ichigo?"

She eyed him warily for a moment before explaining. "Ichigo liked your hair long, so you rarely cut it. After a while it rubbed off on you and you didn't seem to mind." Sighing at the drawn expression he now wore, she shook her head. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure the memories will come back soon."

"Yeah…" Grimmjow rubbed his head and his frown deepened. "I'm going to rest for a bit, see you later." Heading upstairs, Grimmjow opened the door to his childhood room and stood staring at the bare room in confusion. Hearing someone come up the stairs, he turned to see it was Nel. "Where's my stuff?"

She looked at him in confusion for a moment before understanding. "It's, uh, at your house."

"So why didn't you take me there?" Grimmjow saw her hesitate and scowled, fixing her with a steely glare. "Nel?"

She looked away and sighed heavily, slowly meeting his eyes. "Because you lived with Ichigo. Your stuff is at your house, both of yours."

Grimmjow looked surprised at the answer. "I lived with him?"

"Well duh. You did marry him idiot, so naturally, you'd been together a while. You've been living together for at least four years now."

He turned and looked back at his old room. "Can you get my stuff?"

"What?" Nel's eyes widened in surprise and she looked at Grimmjow disbelievingly.

"I need you get my stuff for me. I can't get them myself, please." He turned to look at her pleadingly. "You think it's a good idea if I go and do it?"

Nel realised what he was saying and sighed in defeat, slowly nodding. "Fine, but you owe me, big time."

"Thanks Nel."

She sighed again, leaving the house to make her way over to Ichigo's. pulling up in the driveway, she got out of the car and hesitated at the door before ringing the bell. After a few moments she heard a commotion on the other side of the door before it was yanked open. Ichigo stood on the other side, face slightly flushed from rushing to the door and covered from head to toe in paint, grinning when he saw who it was.

"Hey Nel, everything ok?"

"Uh, yeah." She rubbed the back of her neck, making Ichigo frown when he noticed something was wrong.

"What is it?" He asked softly. "Grimmjow?" When she nodded, Ichigo stepped aside and let her inside, closing the door behind her before sighed and facing her. "So out with it, what is it?"

"Grimmjow, uh…" Nel paused and looked at him sadly. "He wants his stuff Ichigo." She almost flinched at the look on Ichigo's face when it dawned on him and he had to turn away so Nel didn't see the full extent. "I'm sorry, I really am trying with him."

"I know, thank you." Ichigo's voice was high pitched, slightly distorted and Nel knew he was seriously hurt and upset. "After all, I suppose this is to be expected. Grimmjow wouldn't want to live here if he didn't remember would he?" Ichigo sighed deeply, turning back to face Nel and smiled weakly. "You know where everything is, don't you?"

"Yeah." She nodded and squeezed his shoulder as she passed him to go upstairs into their bedroom. Finding a bag, she searched around for Grimmjow's things, packing as much as possible into the bag before grabbing his stuff from the bathroom. Hearing her phone beep, Nel put the bag on the bed and pulled it out, raising an eyebrow when she saw it was a text from Grimmjow and opened it.

' Hey Nel, just one more thing. Can you get our grandmother's ring? It'd be better if you ask rather than me. '

Nel scoffed. "More like you're afraid Ichigo would castrate you." Shoving the phone in her pocket, Nel sighed heavily and grabbed the bag again. Heading back downstairs, she paused at the bottom when she saw Ichigo waiting with a box. "What's that?"

He looked down and bit his lip. "It's our stuff. Home movies, pictures, things, y'know… stuff that might help him remember." Hesitating slightly, he handed her the box. "Can you make him look through it, please?"

"Sure thing." Securing the bag over the shoulder, she took the box and raised an eyebrow. "Heavy, isn't it?"

Ichigo shrugged. "Whatever helps him remember. When he does I am so kicking his ass for forgetting." Nel laughed at that, before remembering the text and Ichigo saw the way her expression fell and frowned. "What now?"

"Grimmjow asked me to uh… get our grandmother's ring back…" As expected, Ichigo flinched, inhaling sharply before quickly covering his left hand. "I'm really sorry. God you have no idea how bad I feel for just asking." Nel put the box down, pulling Ichigo into her arms as his eyes filled with tears. "I can't imagine how you feel right now. I'm so sorry."

Ichigo nodded, hugging her tightly for a moment before pulling back and glancing at his hand and cleared his throat. "If he wants it back, he'll have to come and ask for it himself." Shaking his head, he looked at Nel. "Until then, I refuse to admit defeat. I won't let him forget like this."

"Ok." Nel picked up the box, hugging him quickly before Ichigo opened the front door for her. "I'll tell him what you said." At the car, she turned and looked at Ichigo sadly. "I wish things were different, I really do. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to call me."

Ichigo offered her a small smile. "Thanks Nel, it means a lot." He waved goodbye and walked back inside, shutting the door before sliding down to the floor. Wrapping his arms around his legs, he rested his head on his knees and sighed heavily, closing his eyes as tears rolled down his cheeks.

"It can't end like this, I won't let it…"

Nel pulled up at the house and grabbed the bag and box, ringing the bell because her hands were full. When Grimmjow answered, she handed him the box and set the bag down. "There you go, I hope you're happy."

Grimmjow frowned and looked at the box curiously. "What's this?"

"I don't know. Ichigo said things that might make you remember. There's some movies in there is well, you should watch them." Nel ran a hand through her hair, sighing heavily. "You were right, it was better I went, not you."

"Well at least I can figure that out on my own." Grimmjow frowned, looking up at her. "And the ring?"

"I'll tell you what he told me. 'If he wants it back, he'll have to come and ask for it himself.' Good luck with that." Before he could respond, Nel left him in the hallway to go upstairs.

Grimmjow groaned and picked up the bag, taking them both upstairs. Setting the box on the bed, he eyes it warily for a moment, unsure as to open it or not. For the moment he deciding now wasn't the right time and put it in the corner, preferring to take his things out of the bag instead.

After pulling several items out, he held up a shirt and frowned at it. It was a simple shirt, white, buttoned up, casual. But something about it was bugging him, whatever it was. Setting it aside, Grimmjow eyed it warily before continuing to unpack.

"Whatever that shirt is, I'm not wearing it."

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