Do You Remember Me?

When Grimmjow woke up from a coma, he'd forgotten one of the most important people in his life, his husband, Ichigo. How will Ichigo cope with the news that Grimmjow doesn't remember him and how will he help him remember? Can he make Grimmjow remember him?


1. Chapter 1

The first thing Grimmjow heard was a rhythmic beeping as he slowly woke up and frowned. Lifting his hand only for it to be stopped and opened his eyes slowly, frowning in confusion at his hand when noticing the tube. Turning his head towards the beeping, he discovered it was a heart rate monitor.


Grimmjow jumped when something moved to his right suddenly after he murmured the word, turning to see a young man looking at him in shock, probably in his late teens, maybe twenty. The first thing he noticed about him was the outrageous orange hair he sported, surely it was dyed, why would someone dye their hair like that?

"Grimmjow?" The man's baritone voice had Grimmjow frowning, he was obviously older than he looked. He shifted uncomfortably under Grimmjow's scrutinising gaze and tucked a lock of that bright hair behind his ear. Leaning forward, he caught Grimmjow's hand in his own, linking their fingers to give his hand a tight squeeze and a concerned expression fell on his face. "Hey, are you ok? You look kinda pale."

"Who are you?" The man flinched, his brown eyes widening in shock as he let go of his hand.


"Do we know each other?" Grimmjow paused and cleared his throat, taking the drink from the orange head gratefully to down it before continuing. "You look sorta familiar, where do I know you from?" The man hesitated and looked away, biting his bottom lip and Grimmjow frowned again, he was upset. "What's your name?"

"Ichigo." The man he now knew as Ichigo turned to look at him again, his eyes filling with tears which he quickly brushed away when they escaped. "And I'm your husband, we're married."

Grimmjow looked at him blankly for a moment, processing the words and jerked in shock when he realised what he was saying, laughing nervously. "No, no we can't be. This has got to be a joke right?" Ichigo shook his head, looking down and Grimmjow could feel the panic rising, clenching the hospital sheets tightly. "I'm not gay."

Ichigo didn't respond, rather he seemed to shrink under the words and curled up in his chair, burying his head in his arms. After a few moments, Grimmjow realised what he said was harsh, after all, this guy seemed to be telling the truth. Clearing his throat, he reached out and touched Ichigo's arm.

"I don't know what you want me to say."

Ichigo slowly lifted his head and smiled sadly. "Say you know who I am."

Grimmjow shook his head, pulling away again. "I can't." He frowned as his hand was taken again, finally noticing the ring on his finger and saw that Ichigo was wearing the matching one, along with another ring. "Is that, my grandmother's ring?"

He nodded and smiled softly, seemingly lost in thought. "Yes." He whispered quietly, removing his hand from Grimmjow's to place both on his lap. They fell into an uncomfortable silence and after a while, Ichigo stood up and smiled, Grimmjow noting it didn't reach it eyes, it looked too forced. "I'll um, go get the doctor."

He watched as the man walked to the door and opened it. "Wait." He turned back and Grimmjow ran a hand through his hair, looking away. "I'm sorry I don't remember you."

"Not as sorry as me." He shook his head when Grimmjow looked at him in confusion. "I'll get the doctor, see you soon." With that he left and Grimmjow sighed heavily, sinking back into the bed with a groan.

"Damn, what the hell is going on?"

After finding the doctor, Ichigo made his way outside and ran a shaking hand through his hair. How could he forget me? What happened? Ichigo flinched, remembering the first words Grimmjow said to him after waking up, how they shattered his heart. He knew something was wrong, but he had just woken up so Ichigo had ignored it. But to be told Grimmjow couldn't remember him, much less, be horrified at the thought of being married to him, that was too much to bear.

Ichigo rubbed at his face, wiping away the tears that betrayed his emotions. Leaning against the wall to keep himself upright, Ichigo blew out a breath and closed his eyes. The thought of returning to that room was unbearable, the thought that Grimmjow didn't know him, that he didn't even remotely feel something towards him, was hurtful.

"Ichigo!" He looked up at the call of his name, seeing Nelliel running towards him and sighed, pushing away from the wall to go over to her. She took one look at him with those wide, grey eyes before pulling him into a crushing hug. "What happened? Is Grimmjow ok?"

Ichigo's eyes widened in realisation at what she must've thought to see him upset outside and pulled back, managing to smile reassuringly. "No, nothing like that. Grimmjow's fine, he just woke up and the doctor's checking him now."

"Oh." She pulled away to frown at him. "So why are you crying?"

He touched his face to find he was indeed crying and quickly wiped away the wet tracks, clearing his throat. "He, um, doesn't remember me."

Nel took a few moments to respond. "What?" She asked in disbelief, looking at him in shock. "Tell me you're joking."

Ichigo shook his head and looked down. "No." He replied softly, clutching his arm tightly. "He doesn't know who I am anymore."

"Did you tell him?" He flinched, remembering what Grimmjow had said and Nel sighed, pulling him into her arms again, deducing Grimmjow had obviously said something inconsiderate, just like him to do that. "I'll talk to him."

Ichigo chuckled and rubbed his nose, sighing heavily. "Thanks Nel, it means a lot."

"Yeah well, he's my brother and he better get his damn head straight." Grabbing Ichigo's arm, she towed him back upstairs, letting go when they reached Grimmjow's room and Ichigo hesitated. "Don't worry, you can stay out here if you want." He nodded and Nel sighed, giving him a reassuring smile before going inside.

Turning to look at Grimmjow, she sighed in relief to finally see him awake and walked over to his bedside as he watched her curiously. "Nel?" He asked when she sat down next to him and nodded, making him smile. "So I still remember you huh?"

"Idiot, you'd have a hard time forgetting me wouldn't you?" She smiled before sighing, her mouth thinning into a pursed line and Grimmjow groaned, that meant only one thing, Nel was pissed. "Do you really not remember Ichigo? Because if this is some elaborate joke, I swear to god…"

She left the sentence hanging and Grimmjow shivered at the thought of what she might do, shaking his head. "No, I have no idea who he is. He say's we're married, ridiculous right?" He laughed nervously, stopping at Nel's expression. "Right?"

She shook her head and sighed heavily, folding her hands under her chin to look at him seriously. "No, it's not ridiculous. You were in love with him, don't you feel anything for him?" Grimmjow shook his head, making her frown. "How can you forget him like that? God dammit Grimmjow!" She hit his arm roughly before standing up. "Do you have any idea of how much pain Ichigo's in right now?"

Grimmjow shrank under the furious glare, shaking his head. "No." he murmured, looking away guiltily. "But I don't feel anything for him, I'm sorry."

"It isn't me you should be apologising to." She went to the door, pausing before looking at him again. "Please, try and remember. If you don't, it will hurt Ichigo more than you could imagine." With that, she left, leaving Grimmjow in an even more confused state than ever as she made her way towards Ichigo, who had just finished speaking with Grimmjow's doctor. "So what's happening?"

Ichigo turned to look at her and shrugged. "They don't know, Grimmjow seems to be fine, responding normally to the tests. Everything seems good, just the fact that he can't remember me." He paused, rubbing at his face and yawned. "Damn, this is too much."

Nel rubbed his arm soothingly. "When was the last time you slept?" When he gave her an amused look, she amended her statement. "Properly, as in a bed."

Ichigo shrugged. "Dunno, I've been here every night since the incident haven't I? Here was me thinking when he woke up, things would've gone differently."

Nel shook her head at the guilty expression Ichigo now wore. "It wasn't your fault, no-one blames you."

He sighed and shrugged Nel's hand off. "I know, but I can't help but feel guilty. The doc said he might remember in a few hours, or days, or never. I've gotta wait and let Grimmjow get over the coma first, and take things from there."

She nodded, shoving him towards the elevator. "Go home and rest, I'll call you if anything changes, promise."

Ichigo nodded, making his way into the elevator and out of the building. Heading back to his and Grimmjow's house, Ichigo opened the door and frowned at the musty smell, quickly opening the windows. It was true what he'd said, he'd barely spent any time at home since Grimmjow was in his accident, luckily for him he worked from home as an artist so he didn't have to worry about work, although his projects were definitely suffering from neglect.

Glancing at his project room, Ichigo shook his head before making his way upstairs and falling onto the bed with a tired groan. "No work tonight, it can wait a few more days." Whispering the words to himself, Ichigo soon fell asleep, full of fitful dreams.

Waking up in the middle of the night, Ichigo automatically turned to Grimmjow to find comfort, freezing when he was he wasn't there and remembered what had happened. Curling up on Grimmjow's side of the bed, Ichigo buried his head in his pillow, faintly able to smell his hair gel and smiled softly. Rubbing his arms, Ichigo pulled the covers over himself and yawned, quickly falling asleep quickly in the comfort of Grimmjow's scent.

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