Vampire at Dawn

Vampire at Dawn is about me getting saved for life by a girl and turned me into a vampire! Can me and her... Have something?


2. Meeting Bethany

"Yo X-rays are fine. Yo can go now. But Bethany has to drive yo home."

"Ok." So I followed Bethany (she's the girl that said,"Oh thank, God!") and she has a rad blood red motorcycle.

"Hop on. I have to explain something important." I got on and she started explaining.

"So about how you didn't feel pain by your ribs do I explain this? Your a vampire! I had to turn you into one or you couldn't walk!"

"No wonder why I hissed when I hit sunlight. Wait– aren't we just about to enter out of the UNDERGROUND parking lot?"

"Oh yeah. Put these on." She stopped the cycle and gave me sunglasses for men. She put on her own and what do you know– they're blood red!

So we started to head on and I asked," always carry two pairs of sunglasses?"

"Yep. Ever since my ex-boyfriend got decayed and turned into dust, I keep them just in case."

"How did he get burned?" I questioned.

"Oh he just wanted to take over the world and he was a real jerk to me. So I pushed him into the street and he turned into dust. The only things left of him was his iPhone, sunglasses, and jacket."

"So after this, can I have your phone number?"

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