Those Two Simple Words

The other side of the killers, the part of them they lock away in the part of their twisted souls, the part that reprimands them for what they have done. When that voice comes a-calling, not even the most skilled at the Dark Arts can escape the voice of what they have done.

This is just that voice, making a stand. A stand for what is right, lost in the eyes of the killers that kill ruthlessly with those two words, the curse to end a life.


2. Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs

Four names inseparable

The four best friends ever bound

Lupin, the werewolf

It was thanks to him we got our forms

And had a new adventure every month

Every time he phased, we played

But James kept us together

His pranks, antics and jubilee

And his girlfriend, then his wife

That pretty little girl in our class

Their wedding, then their child

And then he came

He spoke words to me

Words of meaning

He said he'd give me power

He said he'd give me life

He said with him, my life could be

Complete and free

I knew I had no choice

He would kill me if not

So I joined his cause

I didn't mean to; he coerced me into it!

Really, James, I didn't know what would happen

And he said he'd spare my friends, if I told him everything

So when James trusted me with his secrets

He knew. And,

He lied

He stole them from me

It's his fault

Not mine.

But still, when I lie in bed at night

And think about my life

That small still voice still comes

"You killed him. You cannot deny what you have done."

And I respond by pushing it away

"No! Not my fault. His fault."

But deep down inside, I know

It's right. I killed James

And I will pay for it if the others find out

So I lie again

To save myself, I blame Black

Besides, he deserved it

He was never very nice to me

Not like James. But I guess

When he put his wand against my throat, I knew

I had everything

I should've died. I should've left that voice alone

I should have lost my life to save the others

Now all three are dead, and I'm alone

Alone with my thoughts.

You killed James. You killed Lily.

You killed Sirius and Lupin.

And I know that I will one day pay

For the lives of the friends I betrayed

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