Maybe I Was Wrong About Him

Carter Hastings is best friends with Niall Horan, but happens when he betrays her and leaves her to survive on her own. Now she is running from her abusive father while trying to avoid her ex-Bestfriend. She is almost living on the streets when the one person she never expected to see again sneaks his way back into her life.... #FanficEntry


9. You Forgot About Me

- Present day -

Niall's P.O.V.


   The lads and I had a week to relax before we had to work again. And we all decided to take a walk around London. Although as soon as we walked outside it started to pour. So we ran inside and got umbrellas.

   We walked for a while when suddenly we walked into a big crowd. I started to freak out because I'm claustrophobic. Suddenly, through the crowd my eyes landed on one girl and I suddenly felt smoothed. Before I knew what I was doing, I sprinted after her and I heard Harry yell behind me, "MATE! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!? DID YOU SEE NANDOS!?"

   My mind was racing as I ran after her. When I finally caught up with her, I lightly grabbed her and spun in front of her holding her arms lightly.

"D-Do I know you?" I questioned out of breath looking into her eyes.

"Niall, you don't remember me?" She said in the most angelic voice I ever heard. I swear I could see tears well up in her eyes, but then again it could just be the rain.

"No, should I?" I whispered confused.

"My names Ryan Smith, but you know me as Carter Hastings. Do you remember me?" She said and I thought about it. Then it hit me. Carter Hastings, my old best friend.

"Carter?" I croaked. Suddenly all the boys caught up with me.

"Mate, where did you go and who is this lovely lady!" Louis exclaimed.

"Guys, this is Carter my old best friend. Carter this is Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn."


"Guys she is off limits!" I barked. And they all lifted their hands in surrender. I looked back to Carter to see her face red and a scowl on her face, she was clearly pissed. I was confused until she spoke up.

"I. Am. Not. Your. Best friend!" She stated clearly mad. My face when white as everything came back to me from a few weeks before I left. She stared into my eyes and then swiftly turned and ran.

I looked back at the boys astonished faces and tried to hold back my tears, "Don't follow me." My voice cracked. I ran as fast as I could after her until I saw her run into a coffee shop.

I quickly ran inside and without thinking I screamed,"CARTER!!". Instead of Carter looking up at me a bunch of directioners screamed,"NIALL!!!!!!" I got mobbed.

Carter's P.O.V.

   I ran in the nearest shop I could find and went into the back of the room. I put my hood up and kept my head down. Ten seconds later I heard Niall scream my name. "CARTER!!". Everyone looked up besides me. In just seconds, he got mobbed. This was my chance to escape. I squirmed through the crowd and left the store. I silently laughed to myself for escaping.

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