Maybe I Was Wrong About Him

Carter Hastings is best friends with Niall Horan, but happens when he betrays her and leaves her to survive on her own. Now she is running from her abusive father while trying to avoid her ex-Bestfriend. She is almost living on the streets when the one person she never expected to see again sneaks his way back into her life.... #FanficEntry


16. Interview

   I walked to my job interview at Nandos, a restaurant that needs a new waiter. I quickly walked to my house and grabbed my forms.

   I walked in and ask the employee where the mangers office was because I had an interview. He pointed the way and I was off. I knocked and heard a voice say, "Come in."

  I walked in and straight in front of me was a man who was around his forties and was bald. I smiled. "Hello, I'm Ryan Smith and I'm here for the job offer." He smiled.

"Well, it is nice to meet you. I'm Mr. Gassler. Follow me. Do you have your forms with you." We sat down at a table in the far corner and I handed the forms to him, returning the smiled. He looked over them and started asking me questions. Like how old was I and where I worked lasted.

"Ok, I'll give you a call tomorrow in morning to tell you if you have to job or not." I nodded with a smile and left. The interview went well. I just hope I get the job or I'm strewed.

   Since I was hungry decided why not get some breakfast while I'm here.

Niall's P.O.V.

   I walked into Nandos for my usual breakfast. I ordered my food and started chowing down when it was done. I took a sip of my water and saw Carter. I spit the water back up and I got weird looks from people. I smiled and look down.

   Carter told me she was going for an interview, but she didn't mention at Nandos. I smiled. She is definitely going to get the job. When she got up to go get something to eat I made my way over to Mr. Gassler.

"Hey, Niall how have you been? Did you come here for the usual breakfast?"

"I'm good and yea of course, but I have to tell you something. That girl that you just interviewed she is an amazing waiter and a hard worker. If you hire her you won't regret it."

"I'll think about it." I smiled and left back to my food. I finished my food and went home.

"Hey, where were you mate?", Liam asked.

"I was at Nandos."

"What took you so long?", he pestered me. I decided just to tell him.

"Carter was having an interview there and I kinda recommended her."

"Mate, you can't just go around an recommend people. Does she know about this?", he asked.

"No, because she would kill me and I think she is slowly forgiving me and I can't have anything mess it up. So, please don't tell her.", I begged. He promised and I went up to my room.

Carter's P.O.V.

   I decided to walk around the park to clear my thoughts. I was getting to nervous about the job. I hope I get it because Niall can't be paying every month.

   I woke up the next morning and waited by the telephone. My stomach started to growl, so I got up to get some cereal. Of course, once I leave the room the phone rings. I run back and answer the phone.

"Hello.", I said.

"Hello, is this Ryan Smith?"

"Yes, it is.", I replied.

"Well, hello Ryan it's Mr. Gassler. I called to tell you that you got the job and I expect you  to come to work at one to start your training." I was in shock. "Hello? Ryan?" I heard Mr. Gassler call.

"Oh, sorry. You will see me then. Thank you so much for the job."

"No problem. I just hope you work hard as some people say you do." He hanged up, but he said caught my attention. What did he mean by 'I just hope you work hard as some people say you do'. I shook it off and started to pick an outfit for work.

   It was around ten, so I still had some time. I decided that I would walk around the park and around twelve I would start to walk to work.

Niall's P.O.V.

   Mr. Gassler had called me this morning to tell me that Carter got the job. I was happy for her. Maybe if she keeps this job long enough see could buy herself a car and possibly a better home.

   I didn't get to go to Nandos for breakfast today, so I convinced the boys that we should go for lunch.

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