You Can Never Be Too Punk Rock


4. Ok Then??

Angelyn's POV

After Dianna slapped Leilani and walked off, Katelyn walked up to Haley and said, "Listen Throne, this is my school. You, Alyssa, nor Leilani can change that. And you can think what you want about because you three already do, but this is my territory. This year will be you're worst year with me," emphasizing 'this' and gritting her teeth at the end.

Then Alyssa steped up. She pushed Katelyn back at called her a bitch. I think Kate rolled her eyes because Alyssa pouted.

"Pouting won't make you prettier." Jazmine said. Katelyn, Jazmine, and I laughed.

"My bitches! Ew you three ugly hoes are here." Julio said coming up to us.

Leilani shot Julio a death glare, but Julio just rolled his eyes. Alyssa grabbed Leilani's arm and stomped off with Haley no to far behind.

*About an hour later (at like 7:15)*

After searching for Dianna, I found her talking to a teacher.

"Thanks, Mr. Laningham." I heard her say.

"No problem, Dianna." He said.

Dianna turned around and walked toward me. She gave me a 'You've got to kidding me' look, I laughed and explained what happened after she left.

"Katelyn really did that?" She laughed. I nod and lead her to the quad area thing.

(About 15 minutes later)

I looked around me and saw a lot of people

I looked at my schedule and it said I had Music Appreciation for first period, and History/Geography for 2nd Period.

"All right, Savanna High Rebels! For those of you who are new here, my name is Katelyn Dudley. I am your morning announcer, Lunch entertainer, and TA for Ms. Key's first period Music Appreciation and sixth period Chorus 1, or Beginning Choir." Katelyn's voice blared through the speakers set up around campus.

"Thank you, Katelyn! Hello, everyone! I'm Julio Dorman. Another morning announcer, lunch entertainer, and TA for Mr. Mittmann's fourth period science." Julio said loudly through the speaker. I looked at my schedule and it said I have PE for third period, Science for 4th, 5th-Honors Math, 6th-Chorus 1, 7th-English. Well, this should be an interesting year.

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