You Can Never Be Too Punk Rock


1. Hello.


Jazmine Michelle Hernandez

Hair: brown

Eyes: light brown

D.O.B.: March 1, 1995 age 18

Katelyn Maria Dudley (played by Jesy Nelson from Little Mix)

Hair: light-ish brown

Eyes: jade and light brown

D.O.B.: October 3, 1995 age 17

Angelyn Maryellen Atwood

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: light brown

D.O.B.: December 9, 1994 age 18

Dianna Myleen Radcliff (played by Kendall Jenner)

Hair: light brown

Eyes: chocolate brown

D.O.B.: February 1, 1995 age 18

Kim Mari and Crystal Miranda Irana

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: medium brown

D.O.B.: January 25, 1995 age 18

5 Seconds of Summer: Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood

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