A bully's story

Did you ever think why that popular girl always wore so much makeup and bullied well, in this story your about to find out I am waiting in a cover for the story so please wait for it so ya I hope you enjoy it I've worked so heard in this and please do not copy it's not easy to make sure it perfect xx


1. Intro



Shelby's POV 

hi my name is Shelby I'm 17 and a senior and northwest high school people know me as the popular cake face bully but that's because they do t let me talk to them I wear a lot of makeup because my dad abuses of me when he started I was in middle school and I didn't have a choice but to cover it with makeup and you know how people say they only bully you because they're down well that's true I'm just waiting fit that special person to actually listen to me maybe that person will help me take off ll my make up now I just have to wait..

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