A bully's story

Did you ever think why that popular girl always wore so much makeup and bullied well, in this story your about to find out I am waiting in a cover for the story so please wait for it so ya I hope you enjoy it I've worked so heard in this and please do not copy it's not easy to make sure it perfect xx


2. || chapter one ||



 Shelby's POV 

Life's hard for me, people think I have a perfect life I am the schools bully also in the "popular group" which to be honest I'm ashamed of at home my life is different my mom died when I was 8 years old it was a mystery no one ever knew how or why, then my dad started getting abusive we used to be a happy family but anymore because of all the bruises I have, I am forced to where all this make up which just makes me look like a cake-face I am ashamed of my life I just wished people would get me.


 I started getting ready for school at 6:00 am I didn't have to be at school until 8:30 but all this make up takes up half if my time my clothes was also sometimes hard I can never where a dress , skirt, or short sleeved shirt since it will show my scars people never question it and I plan on keeping it like that. When I was ready I went downstairs and quietly closed my door since my dad would probably still be asleep and he hates it when I wake him up if I ever do I'll most likely get a beating when I get back from school I was walking to the bus stop when a guy about my age asked

"Is this the Lakewood High School bus?"

"Well it says it on the side if the bus so I'm pretty sure ya" I replied 

When I go on the bus I sat in the window seat in the very back non of my friends ride the bus so I'm always alone

"I'm Ashton!" The guy from earlier greeted me again

"Hi Ashton I'm Shelby" I said

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