The internet is huge. But not huge enough for Ava to never meet her soul-mate. When Ava comes across the blog of someone with the pen-name 'retrac', somehow her life is transformed. With one simple message, a new love begins to blossom between two very different people. But whilst these two internet-crossed lovers exchange messages, a normal family gets along with their everyday life, just down the street. But behind every perfect scene, is a fault. What hides behind the darkness of the computer screen?


15. Ava


After sitting around for a while (and by that I mean almost a full two hours) I finally hear the beep of my phone. And thank goodness it's 'retrac'.


retrac: I'm on my way. Sorry I'm so late, I had second thoughts xx


Second thoughts? Why is he so paranoid about this? I'm just some 15-year-old girl on the internet. Like I'm ever going to hurt him.


Ava: I'm still here so that's okay. I'll wait however long it takes<3xx

retrac: You're sweet, thank you<3xx


I feel my cheeks flush red and my hands smack to my cheeks to make sure no one sees. But as I look around, the waiters are still going about the restaurant serving and the customers are still sitting amongst one another dining. Why did I think for a moment that someone would be looking at me? 


Ava: You're welcome<3 Don't be afraid, I love you no matter what xx

retrac: I feel like I shouldn't, but I really love you too xx

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