The internet is huge. But not huge enough for Ava to never meet her soul-mate. When Ava comes across the blog of someone with the pen-name 'retrac', somehow her life is transformed. With one simple message, a new love begins to blossom between two very different people. But whilst these two internet-crossed lovers exchange messages, a normal family gets along with their everyday life, just down the street. But behind every perfect scene, is a fault. What hides behind the darkness of the computer screen?


5. Ava


retrac: I know I said we would talk tomorrow, but I just wondered if maybe you wanted to talk now?

Ava: Is everything okay?

retrac: yeah, I'm just bored really x


My chest pangs as soon as I see the kiss on the end of the message. Do we know each other enough to be able to progress that much further? After typing out a few possible answers, I decide to go with my first option.


Ava: Aw, well I can attempt to entertain you...? x

retrac: Hah, whatever it takes x ;)


It takes me a moment to think about my response. What is he expecting from me? A crappy joke like 'why did the chicken cross the road?' Probably not. I decide to result to a change of subject, and hope he doesn't notice.


Ava: So, how was your dinner? :)

retrac: it was good, but I'd prefer to sit here talking with you than arguing with my parents x

Ava: what do you argue about? x

retrac: stupid stuff, but mainly because I don't spend time with them etc. but I'd rather stay in my room and go on the internet x

retrac: internet is life eh? x

Ava: Internet is life. :P

retrac: so what are you doing on this fine evening? Going out on a date? x ;)

Ava: Pfft. I'd be lucky to get one!

retrac: yeah right, I bet you're beautiful<3


A heart?! The way my fingers hover above the keyboard, I'm lost for words. He doesn't even know me. How can he say that?


Ava: *blushes* um, thank you?

retrac: why aren't you so convinced? x

Ava: Because I'm not?

retrac: Prove it xx


At first, I notice the added kiss, and then what he's actually asking for. Proof? What does he mean by that? A photo, maybe? I search quickly through my photo albums, longing to find something that resembles mostly what I look like now, although I haven't taken any recent photos in the last year or so. I eventually agree on a photo of me in a lilac purple tank top, hair tied high in a bun, and my smile widening almost across the whole width of the page. I guess it isn't too bad, but it isn't my best photo either.


Ava: Here *attached photo*

retrac: :O

Ava: I know, it's disgusting.

retrac: You're perfect.


I laugh. He can't really be serious. There is no way a 15 year old boy across the internet would be interested in me. They aren't even interested in me in real life at school. Something inside me doubts him for a second, but then I just laugh at myself for being stupid and think, he's just like me, another kid on the internet. What's the harm, anyway?




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