The internet is huge. But not huge enough for Ava to never meet her soul-mate. When Ava comes across the blog of someone with the pen-name 'retrac', somehow her life is transformed. With one simple message, a new love begins to blossom between two very different people. But whilst these two internet-crossed lovers exchange messages, a normal family gets along with their everyday life, just down the street. But behind every perfect scene, is a fault. What hides behind the darkness of the computer screen?


3. Ava


retrac: so what would you like to ask me?
Ava: … 
retrac: don’t be shy.
Ava: I’m sorry, I don’t really have a question…
retrac: ?
retrac: so why did you click on chat?
Ava: …
Ava: To chat?
retrac: …
Ava: I kind of felt bad coz you have no real followers.
retrac: not even you?
Ava: Oh, I’d follow you :)
retrac: cool :)
retrac: how old are you?
Ava: 15, you?
retrac: I’m the same :) 
Ava: boy or girl?
retrac: boy, and I’m guessing you’re a girl.
Ava: You got it :) 
retrac: Sweet :) 
retrac: hey, maybe we should talk often, you seem nice ;) 
Ava: you too ;) 
retrac: maybe you can even help me with the site.
Ava: Yeah I’d like that :) 
retrac: sorry I have to go to dinner now, but we’ll speak tomorrow, right?
Ava: Yeah, I guess we will :) 


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