The Miracle

Small-town Brynn Kinsley has far from a normal life. Unlike most teens, she spends most time resting, doctor appointments, and watching long marathons on Netflix. Brynn doesn't have much of a choice of how to live her life because of her Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia that has taken over her life ever since she was twelve years old.


4. Lucky Surprise

Brynn's POV

Ring.... Ring. That's the beautiful noise I woke up to the morning of the best day of my life. I groaned a little and threw one arm out from under the covers of my full size bed and slammed the off button on the alarm, now thinking about my next move. It all of a sudden hit me that today I would be meeting my idols! I looked in the other bed in our hotel to see if Ashlynn was awake now, too. Sure enough, Ashlynn rose up rubbing her eyes and stretching her arms out as far as they could go. She looked super tired as I noticed dark rings under her eyes.

"Good Morning", I said perky for only being 7:00 in the morning.

She gave out one long yawn. "Good Morning", She said getting up from her full size bed that was identical to mine and walking into the bathroom.

Ashlynn is a really nice person, and I'm so glad my mother found her. I would have been a little scared to travel by myself, anyway. She I found out last night, shares a lot if the same interests as me. She even told me about one of her biggest secrets, which is pretty big since I just met her yesterday. She said that I have a very trustworthy personality. I think she just feels bad for me, but I'm use to it.

At this time, I decided to dig around in my suitcase and find my outfit I took hours trying to put together days earlier. I finally decided upon a casual short dress. The dress is a light blue color with thin straps and an exposed back that there is no way to wear a bra with. Besides, I don't need one, let's just say I'm very flat chested. These are side effects from Cancer.

At that moment I hear the doorknob to the bathroom open and out came Ashlynn with her hair brushes and her breath minty fresh.

"You can change in the bathroom while I get ready out here", Ashlynn suggested.

"Sure, sounds good to me", I said smiling and going into the bathroom to slip into the dress, brush my teeth, put on perfume and deodorant, and all the little things to make my appearance the best a sixteen year old girl with Leukemia who's slowly dying be. Once I'd fiddled into the dress, I looked at myself in the full length mirror propped up from the ground. I looked broken, and weak, but there was no way to hid everything that I'd been through. I can't hid in my room anymore. It's time to live in the real world.

My eyes started to form with tears, but before they could fall I sapped my face with some tissues from a Kleenex box on the sink counter.

I can do this. I told myself as I exited the bathroom. I looked up to see Ashlynn wearing a dress as well, it was a beautiful peach color, medium length with sparkles and no straps. She was reaching down to pick up a pair of sparkly slip on shoes.

"You look so beautiful" She said to me, seeing me looking down at her.

"Me?", I asked.

"Yes, you", Ashlynn replied.

"How about yourself!" I said smiling and making her smile as well.

An hour Later

We took a taxi to the Magcon Event after we got ready, which took a while because we are girls. Haha. Ashlynn insisted she do my makeup, even thought this might sound crazy, but I've never had my makeup done. It was fun in a way, and I feel almost like I'm pretty, this is the closest thing I've felt to being beautiful.

When we arrived, we were super early, but there was still a fairly large line with screaming teen girls holding signs wearing magcon shirts and other wearing casual dresses trying to catch the guys attentions. That not why I wore this dress, but it is a nice touch.

"Looks like that's the line", Ashlynn sighed lightly and started walking towards the massively long line if bunches of girls with way too much perfume on and makeup done to extreme some looking like mini clowns. I followed Ashlynn, of course, not wanting to lose my only hope and/or friend.

After 10 short minutes of waiting, a tall man came up to us with a wide smile and asked "Are you Miss Brynn Kinsley and Ashlynn Soreberg?", He asked.

"Yeah. Why?", I asked as innocently as possible.

"Come with me", he said motioning for us to get out of line.

"Can you at least tell us what this about?", Ashlynn asked confused. I was too.

"The magcon boys want to meet you",he said.

I looked at Ashlynn and we smiled the biggest smiles possible. I was really liking this new life. Please God, let me have as many more days I can.

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