The Miracle

Small-town Brynn Kinsley has far from a normal life. Unlike most teens, she spends most time resting, doctor appointments, and watching long marathons on Netflix. Brynn doesn't have much of a choice of how to live her life because of her Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia that has taken over her life ever since she was twelve years old.


3. Freedom

Brynn's POV

I met ended up meeting Ashlynn for the first time the morning of our flight. Ashlynn was a sweet petite girl with deep blue eyes ( like Nash) and long blonde wavy hair. She was very slim and wore a pair of high waisted shorts and a colorful top that read "You got a Bae or nah?" Across her chest.

" You must be Brynn!" She shouted running up to me and squeezing me super tight early in the morning. She had a black PT cruiser, which looked pretty beat up.

"And you must be Ashlynn", I said letting her hold me tight.

"Yes Ma'm " she said reaching down to grab my suitcase and throw it in the trunk of her car.

"Oh, thank you. You didn't need to do that. I'm fully capable." I said feeling helpless.

My parents came up behind me and have me goodbye hugs and kisses. " If you need anything, absolutely anything, just call", my dad said almost tearing up as well as my mother.

" Don't worry about me. I'll call every night with check-ins", I said giving both of them a final hug.

"We love you", My mom said.

"I love both of you, too", I said walking the short distance and jumping in Ashlynn's beat up PT cruiser.

"You ready?" Ashlynn asked smiling big as she put the car in ignition.

"Absolutely!", I says excitedly.

I looked back to see my parents waving one last goodbye. I waved back and turned back to talk to Ashlynn.

I would tell you about our trip up there, but I'll spare you the boring details of the travel. Pretty much, we took a plane up to Minneapolis and arrived there at 3:00. The Magcon event would happen tomorrow at noon, and me and Ashlynn get to spend a whole day with them after the event since my parents got super special tickets, that must have cost a fortune.

I was so excited. When I stepped off the plane I felt the real meaning of freedom.

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