Santa's daughters

This is a story I came up with a while back.
Blair, that's short for Blairina, has a twin, her name is Holly. The thing about these twins is that they're the daughters of Mr. Santa J. Clause himself. Blair is not magic, Holly is. All the elves seem to think that Holly is going to be the next Santa, yes Santa can be a girl, but Blair wants to prove them wrong.


2. Every snowflakes different


   I am still tired. "Blair sweetheart, wake up." I yawned. I pulled my favorite quilt over my head. "Up Blair. It's time for school." I stretched and sat up. "Good morning." I yawned. "G'morning."I climbed   down the ladder stairs to the floor. I pulled out a rose colored sweater, jeans, and boots. I let down my hair from the sleeping braid I keep it in. I fluff it and pull out my hat with the cat ears and mittens on it.

I slid down the spiral staircase to the kitchen. "Morning Holly." She glared. "What made you so un jolly?" She rolled her eyes. "I'm freezing." My mom dropped some pancakes in front of us. "Probably because your wearing such short shorts." My mother complained. She was wearing a white sweater with denim jean shorts. Her white, green, and red hair was pulled up in a pony tail. "What? It's the latest trend in those fashion magazines Gram and Pops sent me." She frowned. Was she also wearing sandals? Ugh it winter. "Has daddy come in at all?" Mom shook her head. "No. But he said he would be here for our Christmas." We. Celebrated Christmas the day after, in the evening. "Chop chop girls! School will be starting in a few minutes." I shoveled in the pancakes and bacon. I was grabbing my bag when the phone rang. My mom got it. "Yes. Yes. Oh no! We'll be right over." She sounded worried. "Come on girls. No school today. We're going to help in the factory."

My mom pulled us out into the freezing snow. In the factory, things were... Quiet.  All the kids from school were there. "Hi Bells." I whispered. "Hi Blair." We were side by side. She was only three feet tall. I was a giant. "What happened?" I whispered. "There was an accident. Some of the elves got hurt." I saw a couple of elves with slings. "Is your mom okay?" I asked. "I don't know." She sounded scared. I hugged her. "Alright everyone. We need some volunteers." My fathers voice rang out. "Will you wheel me up?" She and I went up thelp. Holly didn't move. My mother and a few other elves walked up. "Thank you all. Now get in groups and pick a spot. My mom, Bells, and I went over to the broken toys. "Mom could you get me a tiny icicle. Bells could you get me some snow floss? I'll grab some snow." I got back in time to watch Bells do her magic. She waved her pale hands in circles and n glowing orb began to form. Tiny strands of snow floss were formed. Elves each have special powers. Only it's rare for an elf to be able to create snow floss. The special thing about snow floss is it's almost un breakable. Only special scissors can cut it. I hold the thin strands. "They're beautiful." I whispered. I took the snow and laid it aside. My mom handed me a cat toy. I re-stuffed it with snow (it won't melt) then I re sewed on the tail and arms with the floss and the icicle. "Done." After a few hours I finished them all. Bells was tired from making snow floss. "Mom are we done?" She nodded. "Wanna watch the magic?" She nodded and I took her out to the reindeer barn. "Hi guys!" All the reindeer greeted me. "Good morning Cupid." She was one of my favorites. "Good morning Blair." She blinked her big brown eyes. I went to the end. "Hi Roudolph." He jumped up. "Hi Blair! Hi Bells!" I scratched his chin. I sat on the floor in front of Bells. "Can you?" She nodded. Once the snow floss was made, I held it. It started to float in a pink orb. I spun my hands very fast and inside was a medium sized snowflake. I spun a thred through and made a necklace. "There." I dropped the snowflake in her hand. "It's beautiful." I smiled as I put it around her neck. "Wanna know what it means?" She nodded. "Every snowflake is different and you'll never see this one falling. It hangs on. Like you." She smiled. "Your special too."  
























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