It was what seemed as a normal morning. But it was far from it. with the collapse of the us dollar and america with no leader. it has fallen and Jake and Eddie are chased by two groups armed to the teeth through this fictional american city.
There is a group that wants to save america and Eddie and Jake may have been invited into that group. This is their Story.


1. Im Awake !

"Jake Wake Up Its Time For School Bro"

At 5:30 In The Morning I hear Eddie Outside Of My Bedroom Window

Its still dark quiet and foggy out. I Do Not Want To Get Up. *POW!

Now Eddie's Throwing Rocks. "I'm Up, I'm up". 

I Rushed down the stairs dressed for school and met Eddie in the front.

we started walking towards the bus stop. it was so silent outside, When we got

to the stop i realized no one else was at the stop but us. A half hour past and 

still no bus. "I'm Just Gonna Go Home Dude" Eddie Said. Eddie Started Towards 

His House Down The Street From My Own. Loud Screeches Rang Out In The Sky.

A Blue And Silver Car Came To A Stop. Out came Three of what looked to be males.

Eddie stopped in his tracks. The Three Males All Had On Masks. I Knew Something

was up. One Masks Stuck Out It Was The Guy In The Middle. He was wearing a Mask The Looked Like A Baby's Face It Had Awake Written Across The Top. He went To

his Trunk. And Grabbed a barb-wire wrapped bat. Eddie Grabbed Me Yelling "DUDE LETS GO NOW!". I Followed Him But I Looked Back No one was chasing us. They were just standing There Watching us. The Baby Mask In The Middle with his bat Just Starring....  

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