It was what seemed as a normal morning. But it was far from it. with the collapse of the us dollar and america with no leader. it has fallen and Jake and Eddie are chased by two groups armed to the teeth through this fictional american city.
There is a group that wants to save america and Eddie and Jake may have been invited into that group. This is their Story.


3. Hi I'm Tyler Travis

"WAIT! WAIT! CHILL WERE GOOD PEOPLE!" I yelled to the man who hit Eddie

Eddie laying flat out on the floor in front of me. "Is There Anyone Behind You?

"No Not anymore" I said. "Can you please tell me what the FUCK is going on sir"

"Well if you really want to know, america is no more as of 2:30 this morning, Obama collapsed the dollar any america fell. its all out war on the streets of every main city. the smart people are inside. some safe some not, if i knew my door was not locked i would have put this couch in front of it, what are you too doing outside anyway"

"we didn't know about all of this we were on our way to school sir" 

"don't call me sir I'm Halley, And You ar- BANG!

Halley was shot dead right in front of my eyes. following the bullet the three

males who chased us in here walked in. My face covered in Halley's blood

one guy took his mask off. his face was painted. "Hi I'm Tyler Travis, we are not here

to hurt you, that guy Halley was up to no good, we are a group of rebels who go by the name of The Awake, Our Motive is to take back america, since america has fallen its not

soon before other countries invade the soil and try to claim it as their own, all of america will

be a all out war zone, in a matter of days and maybe hours, we need your help because we cant go to any one else, in that alley we were not shooting at you, but at the two women behind you, if you come with us you are promised safety.

Just as Tyler said that the door opens and in comes the shotgun girls.

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