small mercies

my story for the competition! Mercy is as shy as anything at school, but when she discovers a blogging website deep in the web, something about her comes alive. people begin to notice changes in Mercy- and when she is confronted by her brother's friend on the web, her life starts to take a dramatic turn. Mercy begins to wonder if she really lost herself when she found the website, and that starting that blog was one of the worst choices she has made.....


3. welcome to my blog

When Mason gets home with the pizza, we settle down on the sofa and immediately remove two slices to share between us. Mum decided to make salad for herself- sticking with her 'diet'- so she got the cluttered kitchen table, and we were given permission to eat in the living room. its meant to be a treat, but it's really just awkward. "so... how'd you get a detention?" I mumble, picking the cheese off my pizza slice. he gives me a withering look, before removing his phone and typing something onto the screen. "the teacher caught me using my spray paint on the art block mural. he doesn't understand great art." I snort and lay my limp piece of pizza down on the delivery box. that's one of the good things about my brother- he's quiet when were together, which makes me think we have at least one thing in common. But I'm quiet all the time, so maybe not. "excuse me? miss Mercy? you're account is ready!" a muffled voice travels down the stairs, and I feel my cheeks flush pink. 

 "what was that?" "no, nothing. shut up. I...I'm going upstairs." my voice blurts out, and before he can reply, I scramble upstairs and skid on the carpet on the landing. "Mercy? you need to activate you're account. I spoke to the site owner, and he likes what you said. he wants to know about you in one of the blogs." sitting down on my desk chair, I flick the lid up, and come face- to- face with a registration screen. "Mercy? you there?"  the man's voice blares out of the speaker, and in shock I whirr the volume down to 2. "uh....yeah. hi." I whisper into the mike propped up at the side of the laptop, holding it steady with my shaky hand. "no more interruptions?" it replies. "no more, I swear-" "MERCY? WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? MUM! MERCY'S ON THE LAPTOP DURING A MEAL!"  Mason's voice whines around the rooms in the house- being purposely annoying so we'll both be grounded. I wait for mum to start, and sure enough- a few moments later- her voice comes. "MERCY! GET. DOWN. HERE. NOW!" I can't leave it again. I have to get registered. rolling my mouse over each section, I type as fast as I can: name, age, reason, blog yes/no? read terms and conditions yes/no? spoken to assistant yes/no?. I quickly click on 'register me!' and whisper into the mike: "okay. I'm on. I'll be on here later, I promise." "good. I'm looking forward to seeing your blog. see ya, Mercy." "cool, bye." I go to slam the lid- mum's voice getting higher and angrier by the second- when the speakers crackle, and he whispers. "remember, Mercy. we know what you're going through. we. know." I shut the laptop off for good, and trudge back downstairs to my hysterical mum.

"NOW, MISSY! GET. TO. BED!" Mum had been ranting at me, Mason, and herself for the last twenty minutes, so I felt blessed it was finally over. surprisingly, as I left the room, Mason was waiting, and took my hand to lead me upstairs. he hadn't done this since I was two, and he was four, so it felt like De Ja Vu. "you okay, lil' sis?" I nodded, squeezing his hand. "I've got stuff to do on the laptop tonight. you wont tell Mum, will you?" I asked, tugging my hand away as we reached my door. he raised his eyebrows, but his smirk softened. "look, you're fifteen now. go ahed. you deserve it." he patted my shoulder, before retreating to his bedroom. it was strange- he was being so nice. I tried to press it out of my mind, and went into my own room. I decided to play it safe at first- got into my baggy pyjamas and slid the bolt across on my door, after calling: "night, Mum!" into the silent house. I stood for a moment, holding my breath.... My feet pounded the carpet, and soon I was logged into We Know, the black and purple colours knitting excitement in front of me. I wondered if telling everyone advice about getting bullied on a blog would somehow allow me to get on with my life. the mouse scrolled over to the purple button at the edge of the screen that read 'Blog' and I clicked on it. when it loaded, I smiled. 'begin you're blog here:"

My fingers began to fly down the keyboard, and words spilled onto the page.

"my name is Mercy. this is my story. this is my blog....."

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