small mercies

my story for the competition! Mercy is as shy as anything at school, but when she discovers a blogging website deep in the web, something about her comes alive. people begin to notice changes in Mercy- and when she is confronted by her brother's friend on the web, her life starts to take a dramatic turn. Mercy begins to wonder if she really lost herself when she found the website, and that starting that blog was one of the worst choices she has made.....


4. The morning after.

"MERCY! JEEZ, MERCY! MUM'S BEEN CALLING YOU FOR HALF AN HOUR!" my head jerks upwards, and I smack the back of it on my book shelf. I rub it in pain; I feel so strange, sort of..... Clear and light. sitting up, I examine my pyjamad arms and realise that I must have fallen asleep after I had finished my blog entry; speaking of that- something I can add tonight- laptops don't make good pillows. "MERCY!" Mason shrieks "YOU'VE GOT TEN MINUTES!" suddenly, panic constricts me- I've never only had ten minutes to get to school; But for some reason, I don't care. instead, I load up We Know and read through the blog- as I couldn't remember what I typed. I felt quite proud of it really- but the real shock came from the comments:

User27: u new 2 this? never seen u on here before. its good. looking forward 2 ur next post.

User48: wow, I love this. you need to name it and make it a regular thing.

User3: I spoke 2 u earlier, and I wasn't sure if u would come on here, but u did. good job, Mercy.

 User3.... it was him. the man I had spoken too when I had first joined.

In a daydream about me being a 'super-star blogger' I plaited my long hair to the side, before spinning across my room to pull on my shirt and school trousers. when I buttoned up the collar on my shirt, my head hovered bent over, as I spotted my reflection at the edge of my chipped mirror; strangely, I stood up and scanned my face in it. she wasn't the ghost girl anymore. her cheeks were blushed pink, her eyes were happy, her hair was neat. She was a blogger. I hurtled down the stairs, and swung my satchel onto my shoulder as I spotted it on the bannister- before I entered the kitchen and tugged on my school pumps. "Mercy?" it's Mason. he shuffles into the kitchen, his blonde tipped hair poking out in tufts from his head. "you coming? it 'aint like you to be this slow." I nod quickly, before standing up and blowing my fringe out of my face. "okay, I'm coming."


"okay, Mercy? Mason? out you get." mum's white Volvo draws up in front of my school, and almost instantly Mason bolts out of it, tugging his phone from his trouser pocket. "MASON! PUT YOU'RE MOBILE AWAY!" she yells after him, fluffing up her pristine black hair. I sigh, and follow him, slamming the grubby door so she realises I'm leaving. "try you're best, Mercy. and...." she pauses, her face pulled taught, like she's sucking a lemon. "try....try and make some friends." I just ignore her with a flick of my eyes, and make my way up the pavement towards the main entrance. people are rushing about- yelling a laughing, but it doesn't make me feel uneasy like it usually does, it just makes me feel part of a huge crowd. flicking my braid from my face, I begin up the front steps, and push my way through the heavy blue doors so that I end up in the corridor beside the lockers; Mine is on the far left, and has the word 'nerd' engraved onto it- believe me, I didn't write it.

I produce my key from the pocket of my trousers, and go to press it into the lock.... I jerk backwards as someone pins me to another set of lockers. "hello, Mercy." its Taylor, the queen bee of the school. Her long, pink nails dig into my jumper, and soon she is joined by a hoard of her wannabees. "looks like someone had the guts to come back to school. come on then, Mercy. give us a look at what you're 'mummy' packed for you." she removes her nails, and tugs my rucksack from my back; I whimper desperately. she's ruined the mood I woke up in. Taylor and her crew rifle through my bag, and pocket my lunch money before I can say anything; They then hand it back to me after slinging my belongings over the ground. Taylor approaches me again, and shoves my hard into the wall "watch you're back, Mercy." before walking off with her gang, laughing cattily "Mercy! Mercy!" when I'm sure their gone, I collapse to the ground, tears pricking my eyes. Things that go well never stay that way. gathering up my things, I rub the tears from my eyes, and scuttle along the hall. I shouldn't really be crying, they've done worse before. much worse. I decide I'll go down to maths, but ditch PE so I can avoid Taylor. the bell starts ringing, so I pick up my pace, and skid into the maths room just as Mr. Jenson begins to say: "okay, open up you're textbooks to page 56...."


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