The Birdsong


3. Chapter 3

Harry's POV


Ashley sits down.

"My best friend is a boy," The girl with the scars begins saying. "And between him and me, he's the fan not me. I'm being dared to ask you guys if he can have an autograph." He finishes. My eyes never leaving her. 

"Sure," Niall says from behind me. 

"How come you're dared to do this? You could have simply been asked." I say before she sits down.

"Because he begged me to listen to at least 1 of your songs about 2 months ago and I didn't. Simms and I have a rule, if one of us asks something of the other and the demand is not fulfilled as payback the other has to do a dare.My dare is to ask you guys a question. That was my question." She explains.

I study her carefully, once again.

"Why do you hate us?" I ask curiously, again not letting her sit.

"I don't hate you." She defends herself.

"Yes you do. I see it in your attitude." 

"I simply don't like you guys - any of you." 

"The question still stands." I press on. 

"Because you're all selfish, careless, rude. In one word you're celebrities, and I see no point in celebrities what so ever." 

The principal stand up.

"Ms.Black, you should know you're manners, sit down."

"No," I say. "It's okay." I look at the principal to assure he rI mean what I'm saying. 

I turn again to the girl. 

"That;s not the real reason." I say. She looks at me and realizes I've sen behind what she's trying to hide.

"Maybe not," She says.

"What's your name?" I ask. 

She shifts her weight from one leg to the other. 

"I'm Jessica Black, I'm 16. What else do you want to know?" She asks annoyed.

"I think I already know everything I want to know,": I say jumping off the stage and walk towards her, down the aisle. 

"Really?" She says, her tone sarcastic. 

"Yes," I answer. I stop walking and stare at her. "You're a church girl, your best friend is a boy, you dislike boy bands, especially One direction and I can clearly see you're suffering."

 My eyes drift to her scars and back to her face. 

"By the way you dress your favourite colour is either blue or black and you are not girly at all. You'd rather be in a forest where it's peaceful that sit here and waste your time. I also know that you know that I know the real reason you hate - sorry - dislike us. And you know that I know that you know you're trying to hide the fact that I'm your weakness." I finish.

"So you think you know me now, have you forgotten how you would make me feel when you dragged my spirit down? But thank you for the pain, it made me raise my game and I'm still rising." She slowly but loudly says the Pre-Chorus to Who's Laughing Now by Jessie J. Her beautiful voice fades at the end as she looks down her scars. She looks up at me and starts crying. She runs our and the boy that I'm assuming is Simms, her best friend, runs after her. 

I just stand there and stare at the door as I feel a tear rolling down my cheeck. 

The boys call me and we all huddle up. 

"I like Emily." Says Liam.

"I like Andrea," Zayn says. 

"I pick Jessica," I announce, they all look at me confused.

"I'm with Harry," Niall says after a minute of silence.

"Me too," Louis agrees. 

Imagine," I continue. "If we can help her see things differently. Maybe she has nobody, she looks broken to me." I say referring to her scars.

Liam and Zayn nod in agreement. 

We turn back to the crowd. 

"The person who is going to spend the whole summer with us," Says Zayn.

"Is," Niall continues.

"Jessica Black." Says Louis with a smile on his face.

A girl with brown hair who's name is Kristen, I think, stands up from the far right.

"Are you serious?!" She asks happily.

"Yes," Says Liam, a bit confused of what exactly is going on.

"She's my sister." Says the girl to make understood why she is so happy.

"Are you jealous?" I asked. 

"No, no, no." She answers. "I want to thank you actually for being here today. I've been praying to God asking Him to send my sister angels and He did. Take good care of her, I will convince my parents if they disagree. Harry, I see you're aware of her condition. Please take care of her and help her stop. 

"I promise, I'll do all I can. The rest is up to Him." I say solemly, pointing my index upward.

Kristen smiles and then Jessica and Simms come back and everyone claps.


Jessica's POV 


"Congrats!" Everyone shouts.

"On?" I ask as they all quiet down and stop clapping.

Harry looks at me and smiles.

"You're stuck with One Direction for a whole summer." 

I feel my head start spinning, I get dizzy and I feel my body weaken. I begin to fall to my feet but I feel someone catch me before I can hit the ground. 

"It's okay." Simms' voice says.

I know I just fainted because of loss of blood and lack of eating. 

"I got her," I hear Harry's voice.

I feel him pick me up and carry me to who knows where.


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