The Birdsong


2. Chapter 2

We sit and just wait for time to pass. The bell finally rings and we all gather in the auditorium. As far as I can see only my 10th grade class is here all the way to 12th. Simms and I sit in the last seats in the far corner of the room in the last row of chairs. 

After about 15 minutes everyone is settles down and our principal begins to speak. 

"I know you are all thrilled to miss your afternoon classes," She begins and some students laugh and cheer.

"But," She continues "I expect you to be at your best behavior and to keep yourselves under control during our guests' visit. Please welcome One Direction." She says and casually claps and they all appear on stage as Mrs.Hellman takes a seat somewhere in the first row.

Some girls start screaming and fan-girling. 

"Hi," They all say in unison. 

"I'm Liam," The tallest says.

"I'm Zayn," Says the pretty one with the hazel eyes. 

"I'm Niall," Says the blonde, Irish one. 

"I'm Louis," Says the one with the blue eyes.

"and I'm Harry," Says the one with the curly hair and green eyes.

I look around at all the girls to make sure they're still there because I hear nobody screaming. Instead, everyone clapped, sadly including me. 


Harry's POV 


I look at the back of the room, and sweep my eyes through the girls. Usually the most beautiful ones are at the bad - maybe I'll even end up with a date. My eyes rest upon a girl with brown short hair and bangs that cover a bit of her eyes. I try to look into them and realize that they are a milky  hazel brown. Next to her is a boy, they're quietly laughing together and I can tell they're best friends, nothing romanic going on. My gaze shifts back to her and I study her closely. 

If you saw her you'd think she is a happy girl. But when I see the scars that rest upon her arms I feel my heart ache. I immediately feel tears threatening to spill over my eyes. I tear my eyes away from her and instead look over at the girls in the front row, who are fan-girling and nicely smile at them. 

For  about 15 more minutes we each talk about our experience being in a boy-band. 

"At the end of the day we will pick 1 girl to come to live with us for the whole summer." Liam announces.

I suddenly feel the atmosphere change. Instead of excitement, it's desperation. 

"Now you guys can ask questions, according to your questions and the dialogue we have with you, we'll pick the lucky girl." Says Zayn.

"Hazz," I hear Niall whisper. I nod. 

"You've been quiet, are you okay?" He asks. I nod again.

"Yes," Liam says pointing to someone. The girl stood up. 

"Please say your name and age, then ask your question." Louis says smiling. 

"I';m Emily," Th blonde says. "I'm 17 and a half, Liam, will you marry me?" She asks. Liam chuckles. 

"If God allows it," Liam says. Then, she sits. 

I, again, look at the girl with the scars hoping she might ask something too. I notice her mood brighten when Liam mentioned God. She's a church girl - I conclude. After about 7 more stupid and easy conversations, I see the boy sitting next to the scarred girl, tell her something and both her and another girl stand at the same time.

"Hi," The other girl says. Scarred girl gets a little irritated.

"Ashley," She says loud enough for everyone to hear. "Sit your butt down. This may be a pleasure for you but I'm being dared to stand here. Please, just let me get it over with." She pressed on. 


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