The Chase » Hemmings

Throughout high school Noelle has been infatuated with the arrogant Luke Hemmings but when they both start college it's Luke chasing Noelle.


2. chapter one

n o e l l e

"Exciting for your first day of college?" My mum asks, pouring cereal into a bowl.

"Totally," I reply sarcastically.

She shakes her head disapprovingly and sits her bowl on the table.

"It will be awesome," She chirps.

"Don't use the word awesome."

After consuming a delectable breakfast, I grabbed my bag and drove with my mum to college.


"I've got history first," Georgia informs me, perusing her timetable.

"Lucky, I've got psychology," I groan.

We both went in opposite directions and headed to our lessons.

Weaving through the clusters of bustling students, I quickly scanned through my timetable.

"Noelle!" I heard someone holler.

Instantly, I recognised the voice. Luke.

I hadn't spoke to him since the party last weekend and I wasn't really planning on to.

I came to a halt and rotated around to see where he was.

Seconds later, he appeared in front of me, a wide grin etched to his face.

He snatched the timetable from my grasp and speedily compared with his own.

"To psychology we go," He chirps and hands me back my timetable.

I groan and continue walking.

I still couldn't comprehend the fact that I liked this guy for so long.

He walks up beside me and makes conversation.

"Good summer?"

"It was okay," I answer plainly.

"You didn't attend enough parties; that's the problem."

"Well I don't really want to waste my time around intoxicated teenagers."

"Not everyone is wasted," He points out. "And I'll be there."

"Wow now I really want to go," I shriek sarcastically.

"Geez what happened to you over the summer?"

"I realized there is no point liking egotistical and arrogant arseholes." I smile forcefully at him and cross the threshold.

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