the day that my life changed forever

Maybe there is oblivion maybe the state of being unaware of your surroundings is a form f unconsciousness but will anybody ever know for sure. chances are that they won’t. but who knows. well for one two the chance of a lifetime came by just going to her local Nandos and just happened to see a person who only causes trouble there. well anyways I’m Kaylee and this is my story.


2. the date well the packing date and the fight

hey mom so wheres harry’

‘he had a to go to the studio he dropped kaitlyn off at school’ 

ok well i have something to tell you’

‘okay sweetie what is it’

okay so you know last week when we had visitors over for breakfast’

‘yes why’

‘well okay so i went upstairs that day and i was on the phone with janaya and niall knocked on my door thinking it was the bathroom’

‘ok and’

‘well we started talking and he kinda sorta asked me out so yeah’

‘theres no way your going on that date he’s 3 years older than you’

‘mom i am 17’

i graduated early because i had enough credits to

‘well if your going to do that then you better find your own place if your all grown up’

‘but mom harrys almost 21 and living at home’

‘hes also In the worlds biggest boyband. and what are you nothing you work at starbucks for heavens sake i want you out by monday’


i called niall because i had to tell him that i can’t go because i have to pack. 


k: hey nailer

n:hey kay whats up 

k: i can’t go tonight i have to pack my mom kicked me out

n: ill help you pack 

k: niall you don’t have to 

N: i want to your my girl

k: awwwwwww ok 

N: ill be there at 7 


he called me his girl. thats the first time somebody has ever said that. i started to tear up.



A/N: hey guys i kinda hope this story comes true but not getting kicked out of the house . ut meeting niall at least.

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