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2. that girl

Rosie's P.O.V

*hi* I say look at the ground he lifts up my chin with his soft hands *dont touch me* I try to hold back me blushing that's when the teacher say the person your sitting next to his now your partner *shit* I say *how rude* he says smirking at me *i didn't mean* * I know* he says and giggles *partners for what* rachelle says near the middle of the class with Niall her boy friend they were both in my gang they have been dating since grade 7 and were soft mores.

The teacher begins to say for these and takes out my worst nightmare a baby I hate baby's they cry,poop,and always want food and even worse Harry was my partner and then she said we were married and had to take turns with the baby but we also had to hang out to make the baby no we are his parents I put my head in my hands as the teacher handed me the baby and Harry the bag with its stuff

Harry's POV

*so wife*I say holding the baby cuz she refuses to touch it again * I'm not your wife * she's say rudely *well who crapes in your cornflakes *I say jokingly but she doesn't laugh * what is your problem* I say starting to get mad* * your my problem* * and how is that * * you come in the class room with you beautiful eyes and almost kiss me when you touched my chin and* * did you say I have beautiful eyes * * no* she says quickly * I think you did I say smirking at her when the lunch bell rings

Rosie's POV

It's lunch and I go sit with my gang rachelle,Niall , Louis,Zayn,and Liam I introduce then to Harry as I sit down and he sits next to me what's he doing here Louis say with a tone in his voice Louis has liked me since grade 7 but I don't feel about him that way he's my best friend at least one of them

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