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3. I like her

Part 4

Harry's POV

It's after school and me and Rosie are walking out together when I say * you need a nickname * oh do I she says * ya ,ya you do * like what she ask me with her cute little smile * um I like .oh I got it red * so creative * thank you I joke and she leans against my car *well I guess you could call me that but if you get to call me red then I get to call you um ......haz *haz I like it and even If said I couldn't call you red I still would .

Rosie's POV or Reds POV

I scream bad boy right hear and people start to stare * your making people stare stop he says and looks down so I scream it again and he falls front words towards the car and puts his hand beside my arm and are faces are 1in apart when he leans in and his soft lips smash against mine

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