Lotus The Warrior Princess

Lotus is the High Princess of the Great Empire of Kila'Konea, first born to her parents, and now engaged to the neighbouring prince in order to join the two large empires and thus, secure an ally. After being on the road travelling their land for three years, Lotus and her father have returned to their home, to their family.

But, what will happen when Lotus' and her father's deepest secret is revealed the very same day that they return, putting their efforts to being in vain? What will happen to her and her mother's relationship when she finds out? What else could possibly go wrong?


2. Blood with a Side of Death

Lotus regained her thoughts and immediately went into action. She immediately put her fan up, covering her face, banning him from her presence without speaking a word.

"My dear flower." He hissed again whilst circling around her. "You will bd my wife someday but after we consummate in these gardens here." He slinked closer and closer to her. 

She kept quiet and held the fan steadily in front of her face, grateful the silk was too dark to see through. But, she could smell the alcohol on his breath; he was a disgusting pig.

He reached out and touched her waist. Far too bold for her liking, she whipped her fan out and bowing her head (thus he could still be banned) and cut his hand deeply, staining her favourite kimono with his disgusting life blood. She replaced her fan in front of her face.

He howled in pain and clutched his mangled hand close to his body. "You little.... You'll pay for that!" he grabbed her neck, pushing hard against her windpipe, crushing her ability to breath.

She still refused to address him, still banning him from her presence, she knew he thought she was still a novice at her...special skill set, so she used that to her advantage.

She kept her eyes closed tightly, he leaned his face next to her's, whispering "I'm going to kill your family. The baby first while you and your sister, mother, and father watch. I'm going to then kill the Princess, but not after destroying her worth, and then I'll do the same to your mother as you and your father watch on knowing that you can't do a damned thing about it!" the alcohol on his breath was making it hard for her to not retch, disposing the contents of her stomach.

She stood her ground after hearing the threats he made, kicking her leg up, hitting him in the stomach, forcing him to release her and double over. She threw her fan open properly, and attacked him immediately, not giving him a chance to get ready for her attack.

She swiped at his face, slicing both his cheeks open blood pouring out of him. He ripped the fans from her grasp and used them to try and cut her in the abdomen, she dodged it and instead twisted her wrist. Ignoring the pain as best she could, she then jumped in the air, bringing her legs up and used them to knock him down with a double round house kick.

She pushed him down and placed her foot on his neck, signaling her victory. "You shall pay for your sins in Hell." she spat just before she slit his throat, cutting his head half-way off.

"Lily!" she called out to her sister.

"Lotus!" Lily croaked out, running to her sister's side.

"Go get Papa." Lotus ordered.

"Where is he?" She asked with a whimper. 

"In conference with the Lords."

Lily paled at the thought of interrupting the meeting her father was in. "I...Lotus, women aren't allowed to be in the conference hall! They will surely stone me to death!"

"I'll kill them if they attempt it and so will Papa."

She nodded her head and ran, rushing through the garden with her skirt hitched all the way up to her thighs, knowing that this was more important than the rules of ladyship. 

"You cannot go in there, Princess Lily." A guard said strictly once she arrived there, completely out of breath.

Lily used all of the courage she had to slip quickly past the guards barring her way into the rooom where her father and all the Lords were in. Pushing her way through the papyrus screen door, she ran to her father with tears streaking down her face, looking disheveled from her time in the bush. 

"PAPA!!!" She screamed, running to him with terror evident in her eyes. 

The Lords were furious and started to call their own Princess rude and vulgar names and demanding her death by stoning. 


They exerted self-control and became silent however, still stewing in anger. 

"What is it, my precious?" He asked soothingly. 

"Lo...tuuu...sss..." was all she was able to get out before he had picked her up in his arms and was fervently demanding where the High Princess was. "Gardens." She said just before she fainted.

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