I Will Shield You

Now we all know I'm not a huge fan of Captain America, however, I am doing this for an unnamed friend.

Whatever happened to Ally after Emily died? Here is the story where you will find out.

Mxfia Rodgers gave me permission to write this, so don't spam me please.


8. Say What?

Ally woke up in a hospital bed.


"What? Where am I?" She asked.


"You're in our hospital wing. You lost a lot of blood." Red Skull stated.


"Oh." Was all Ally said.


"Which means that you cannot fight." RS informed her as he left the room. Ally glared at him as she closed her eyes and she soon fell asleep. 




"We all know the plan?" Captain America asked. The Avengers nodded. 


"Alright, let's end this." He said as they walked to an F-22. Cap wasn't doing this for SHIELD. He wasn't even doing it to America. He was DEFIANTLY not doing it for Emily, since she punched him in the nose. He was doing it for Ally. She might not know it yet, but he loved her with all his hard. 


A rough fight was about to start, but neither the Avengers or HYDRA knew that.

Hai! Sorry for the really short updates, I'm waiting for Mxfia Rogers to update hers, and I have nothing else to do....Well.....bai for now! 

-Mxfia Laufeysi

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